What Is The Best Way To Scrape LinkedIn Data?

LinkedIn is listed in the major social media sites and business directories on the Internet, there are millions of visitors to this site. Users and businesses add valuable information about their products and services which is useful for other businesses and users. You can extract the LinkedIn data for marketing purposes, but LinkedIn does not have any suitable format to extract LinkedIn profiles data except PDF.

Why LinkedIn Scraping?

If you are working as a freelancer or marketer or running an online business, you need marketing data for your business. Let’s say you are selling a digital marketing course, your leads are marketers, how could you collect leads from LinkedIn profiles that you can visit? To marketers and ask them about their courses. But this is a difficult marketing medium, another way to extract data from LinkedIn profiles automatically with LinkedIn scraping tools. In other words, there are two options to download LinkedIn data. The first one is to copy-paste the data after finding the marketers profiles which will take you a lot of time and effort, but you still can’t get the desired result and the second instead, the most efficient way to use a LinkedIn Scraper is to scrape the data from LinkedIn profiles.

Data Extraction From LinkedIn with the LinkedIn Company Extractor

In this busy life and modern technology age, web scraping tools are developed to make life easier for people. LinkedIn Company Data Extractor is powerful software that can extract LinkedIn business profile data in seconds such as company name, phone numbers, emails, people reviews, social media links, website links, and much more.  Moreover, you have so many options to save your extracted data such as Excel, CSV, Text, etc.

How LinkedIn Company Extractor Works?

You can search and scrape thousands of emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn Groups, Pages, and Profiles according to your needs by using this LinkedIn Company Email Extractor. The LinkedIn Profile Scraper allows you to search for business data by entering input parameters like keywords or industry, city/state, and giving a list of business profile URLs listed on the LinkedIn website.

LinkedIn Business Data Extractor has an option to upload bulk URLs at once. LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor can extract data for all countries and industries provided by LinkedIn. Don’t look anymore for the best LinkedIn Extractor because now you can get all the business profile information you need from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Company Scraper.

Simple Steps To Extract Data From LinkedIn With LinkedIn Company Extractor

Step 1:

Download and install “LinkedIn Company Extractor” from our website ahmadsoftware.com

Step 2:

Find by keywords, zip codes, and profile URLs.

Step 3:

Click on Run LinkedIn Extractor.

Step 4:

Select the LinkedIn company profile you want to extract data from

Step 5:

Click on the Search button at the top left of the LinkedIn scraper.

Step 6:

Now the software will extract the business information like phone numbers, emails, addresses, and other business contact information from LinkedIn.

Can A Non-Technical Person Use LinkedIn Company Scraper?

The LinkedIn Scraping Software has an easy-to-use interface, even a non-technical user can easily operate this scraper. So you don’t need to learn any programming language to use this LinkedIn Contact Extractor software. But if face any problem to use it, you can watch the attached videos with the LinkedIn crawler or you can contact us.


No need to buy many years old data from data-providing companies while you can get fresh and updated data from LinkedIn on a daily basis by using LinkedIn Company Information Scraper. Now you can extract data from multiple LinkedIn business profiles, groups, and pages with just one click using this software.

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