Why Should You Go For Water Purifier Servicing?

Does the water from your RO water purifier give an odd smell? Does the water flow from the faucet stop immediately, filling only half a glass of water? Does your water purifier create a strange noise from the RO Water Purifier faucet? Well, to resolve these issues, you can consult the Aquaguard Service Gurgaon store. It is pretty challenging to rectify these issues yourself. In this case, you can hire a professional and get rid of these problems forever. The water purifier is a prerequisite in every home to provide you with pure water free from germs.

So, if you encounter these problems at your home, you are free to call the Aquaguard Service Center Gurgaon. Professionals are highly qualified and experienced, offering you their best services. You can connect to your nearest service centre and avail of its services. These services are usually open at any time and every day. It’s just a matter of one call, and they are there to help you. By availing of the services, you can have your water purifier rectified and enjoy its benefits. This will ensure the proper working of your water purifier.

Why There Is A Need To Contact A Water Purifier Service?

You have to deal with various problems with your water purifier now and then. Some of those issues observed are discussed below:

  • Breakdown of pressure pump – water purifier functions effectively through the process of ‘reverse osmosis. For the RO process to work on the liquid, the pressure is applied with the help of the pressure pump. To tackle this issue, you need to hire a professional, as there’s a need to install a new pump
  • Issue of a low-pressure switch – When an input water pressure is less than a specific limit, a low-pressure switch detaches the RO water purifier to prevent the pump from drying. In this case, you will need a technician to replace this switch
  • Poor functioning of the float valve – If the float valve doesn’t function properly, then it shuts down the machine. Contacting the nearby service centre will provide you with great relief
  • Solenoid valve shorts out – If the solenoid valve shorts out, this valve prevents wastewater flow to the RO membrane. This leads to the malfunctioning of your system. Consulting a professional will sort out this issue
  • Air vacuum is created inside the RO – The air gets trapped inside the RO if the pipe is loose. This leads to the malfunctioning of the system. This prevents water from getting in. With the aid of the technician, this issue can be rectified
  • The minimum water supply – If there is no water supply in the machine or extreme TDS levels in the water, it blocks the water supply. In this case, you will require the help of a professional to solve this issue
  • Problems related to the SMPS adapter – Sometimes SMPS adapter burns out due to fluctuation in high voltage. Here, you will have to replace this SMPS adapter with the help of a technician. 

Other kinds of difficulties like a noisy faucet, leaking faucet/filter/membrane, not filling of RO water tank, slow flow of water supply, and abnormal smell and taste of water. All these issues can be repaired with the help of a qualified technician near you. Contacting your nearby service centre will repair your water purifier by performing its maintenance for its effective functioning.

What Services Do Professionals Offer?

You can get in touch with the nearby water purifier service centre by calling them. Then, confirm your appointment with the technician for RO service time and date. The technician will reach your place and carry out the maintenance and repair of your water purifier. 

Services offered by the water purifier service professional are given below:

  • Installation of the system – The technician will install the system of RO water purifier successfully at your home or at the place where you want to install it
  • Carrying out basic maintenance – Contacting your nearby water purifier service center, the professional will carry out the basic maintenance, thus making it free from any issue
  • Best repairing – If your water purifier faces any kind of difficulties, then the service center near you will provide you with its best repairing service. This ensures smooth functioning
  • Best AMC plans – A water purifier professional offers you the best AMC plans for your RO water purifier.

How Long It Takes For The Maintenance Or Repair Of The Water Purifier? 

Depending on the problem that occurred, the technician will decide, and it might take 1-2 days to repair your water purifier. Also, regular maintenance of your water purifier every 6-12 months will ensure its effective functioning, providing you with great relief.


Deep cleaning of water purifiers, their installation, and uninstallation service, replacing its parts, etc., are the services offered by water purifier service centres nearby you. You can consider them for the repair and maintenance of your machine. This will ensure its effective and efficient functioning.

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