Why to Choose Best Boarding School in Delhi

 My school’s name is The Plenum School, the Best Boarding School in Delhi it is in Himachal Pradesh and I am from Thailand. This is my second-after-vacation visit. When I came here for the first time, everything was very different from Thai, first thing which I would like to quote is, the weather. The weather is so different, in Thailand, it is 27-34 degrees for the entire year where as the weather here is usually around 15-20 degree in summers and below 10 degrees during winters.

On the first day of my schoolan International boarding school in Delhi, I was so excited to go to the mess directly because in Thailand, I had tried Indian non-veg food, which was very delicious, so I was desperately waiting to go to the mess.   However, my first meal was a vegetarian dish here. It was the curry with nuts, I never thought that we can use nuts to make a dish, I was amazed to see a completely new style of cooking. Gradually, I started liking the different cuisines cooked at my school.

I met my Indian classmates and school mates. This was my first meet with Indians so closely. They were a bit different from the image that I had created in my mind. Some of them were taller and some of them were shorter than I thought.

The Next day, I enjoyed another type of breakfast, it was gurt (yogurt ) with the Indian bread, my friend told me to add sugar in gurt, which tasted good. The food is the specialty of this school, the best residential school in India

 Then we went for academic session. This was the time when I realized that I have nothing to use, no pen no book or any notebook. I had forgotten to bring the essentials!. However, my classmates were generous enough to lend me the stuff. Luckily, that day we had only three classes so I somehow managed to make notes and jot down the important pointers. All my teachers of the school, an International boarding school in Delhi, were humble enough to excuse me for that day.  

After all the classes were over, we went back to our room to take some rest. Soon after the rest time, we had our sports time from 15:30 – 17:00.  I chose volleyball to play. The best thing about my school is that it offers a variety of indoor as well as outdoor sports.

 After sports, we went for our snacks break and then to take bath.

At 18:00 we had our prep session till dinner at 19:30 . This is how my first day ended.

Now , on the second day of my school, I still remember, we had Chicken Masala ( Chicken curry ) for dinner.  Aaah! That was the most delicious Chicken Masala that I had ever eaten in my life.

The Plenum school, best boarding school in Delhi, was then preparing for an Indian festival called, Holi. Holi is a festival of colours which is quiet like the festival that we celebrate at Thailand. I experienced people throwing colours on each other and dancing where as in Thailand we use water only. We also play with water, dance and enjoy.

This experience made me feel all the more comfortable and I felt as if I am at my own place. The beauty of this place is that it makes each student comfortable and loved.

-Words of an International student,


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