4 Simple Formulas to Get Rid Of Ants in Just Moments

A home full of ants can be a real nightmare. This is because they can steal your food, share your shelter, and bite you hard. Call pest control Dubai today if your home is badly infested with ants. With pest control Dubai services, you can get rid of ants in your house in a nontoxic way in no time.

An ant, unlike cockroaches, will not transmit or cause diseases to humans; however, their filthy legs may contaminate your food. It is normal to find ants in your house when there is food available such as bread crumbs, sweets, and syrups. Nevertheless, keeping a clean home is the best way to prevent ants. Following are some home remedies you can try before calling pest control Ajman exterminators.

1.   Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a powder derived from the fossilized remains of aquatic animals called diatoms. Their cell walls contain silica that functions as a dehydrating agent to kill many pests. This silica is then treated to obtain a compound known as silicon dioxide. Though it’s not a poison, it still kills many insects by dehydrating their exoskeletons.

Use and Precautions:

Sprinkle some diatomaceous earth powder on counter tops’ edges and in corners of your home, garden, entrance, and backyard. Remember that DE is an irritant and it can irritate your skin and respiratory tract so handle it carefully. For this purpose, wear hand gloves and a face mask while operating.

Where to buy the best and safe DE ant killer product?

You can get a safe or food-grade DE from online stores. Another great invention is the DE powder that is safe, effective to use and is available at the Pest Control Shop. Pest Control Shop is an online store that delivers original pesticides and insecticides right at your doorstep.

2.  Boric Acid

Boric acid is a poison that is quite effective in killing various types of ants. It works by eroding the exoskeleton and GI tract of insects that in turn kills them brutally. You can use this poison to kill ants in your home, gardens, and offices. Moreover, boric acid is easily available from the Pest Control Shop or at any Medicine store. The best formula to work with boric acid as an ant killer is to mix half a teaspoon of it with 8 teaspoons of sugar. Then, take a cup of warm water and stir to make a solution. Finally, soak the cotton balls in the solution and place them in the corners of your home.


Use hand gloves and mask while working with boric acid and discard the container of mixing carefully. Moreover, keep the boric acid-infused cotton balls away from children and pets.

Duration and Results:

Use this simple formula to kill all types of ants in your home including worker ants and the queens. Expose ants to boric acid for about 3 weeks to get effective results. Additionally, replace fresh boric acid-infused cotton balls daily or as soon as they dry out.

3.  Borax

Remember that boric and borax are different formulations obtained from the same element Boron. Borax is chemically known as sodium tetraborate and is less effective as compared to refined and processed boric acid. Therefore, borax will require more time in killing ants compared to boric acid. Nevertheless, if you do not get boric acid for any reason, try borax powder, it will work too. Moreover, use borax the same way we use boric acid like mixing with sugar and water to make an effective killing bait.

4. Indoxacarb

Do you want to kill ants in your home effectively and instantly? Try advion ant gel recommended by pest control Ajman company. This best advion ant gel contains indoxacarb as the active principle. Indoxacarb works by blocking the voltage-sensitive sodium channels in the central nervous system of ants that paralysis and kills them. It’s a bait killer, which means it attracts ants to kill them.

Moreover, dying ants eventually spread the poison sticking to their mouth and body to the entire colony, resulting in massive deaths. It is effective against all types of ants and is quite safely applied in the nooks and corners. Additionally, it is human and pet friendly within the dose limit required for ant killing as stated by pest control Ajman exterminators.

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Meta Title: 4 Effective Formulas to Get Rid of Ants in Moments

Meta Description: Is your home swarming with ants? Check out these 4 best and easy-to-find pest control Abu Dhabi chemicals. Also, try advion ant gel from the pest control shop.

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