5 Chic Feeding Items for Two Year Olds

If you think the high chair you bought for your little one at the time of birth is becoming irrelevant due to the growing size of your baby, then it is a wonderful time to think about some new feeding times. Feeding phase of your conscious baby is really important and you can make it practical by introducing some chic items to your baby’s life. From booster seats to spoon and fork set and toddler cups, this post will show you the best feeding essentials that your baby need right now. Look for practical and easy to handle feeding items for your two years old baby. If you don’t have enough money for purchasing high quality maternity essentials, baby products, and more, then coupon.ae is giving First cry coupon code UAE to parents that they can apply at the billing point to catch reduction on the entire baby collection. So, why to wait? Keep scrolling and look at the some wonderful and better feeding options.

Mushie Sillicone Kids Placemat:

This placemat will complement with all dining table designs and make a separate place for feeding. This placemat is really pretty and protects from messes and food stains. You can also wash it for further use. It is available in different designs according to the type of your table design. You simply can’t go wrong with this placemat and its price.

Oxo Tot Nest Booster Seat:

if you think your baby’s first high chair is not suitable anymore for your two years old kid, then you must invest in this booster seat. This seat has removable cushion and made from high quality material. This booster seat helps you baby to eat food with you on the same table. It fits in any dining room and also goes with different aesthetics.

January Moon Spoon & Fork Set:

Your two years old kid is now capable to handle any feeding set and this chunky set provides firm grip. This set contains a spoon and fork that is necessary for daily eating. This practical utensil helps your baby to know how to eat properly. With the backing of coupon.ae, you can collect firstcry coupon code uae and earn major reduction on an array of utensils, baby foods, and feeding essentials.

Cupkin Stackable Toddler Cups:

Want to invest in durable toddler cups? If yes, then pick this set of two stainless steel cups. This stackable cup aids to learn how to drink liquids safely. What more could you ask for? What is more is that they are incredibly long lasting and also dishwasher-safe. These cups are also travelling-friendly and perfect for everything.

Phaidon Cookies: A Recipe Book

This recipe book is perfect for kids and moms due to the interactive baby recipes and dishes. The color and writing on this book is really appealing that offers distraction so that you can perform different home tasks. Get benefit of firstcry coupon code uae from coupon.ae and get unbelievable reduction on all the baby items.

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