How to Back Up Your Android Phone

Backup your phone

You’re walking along the street, texting away when someone comes up to you. Bam! Your phone is lying on the ground broken into pieces, dead. It’s been a while since you lost your phone however, have you lost your valuable information? Are the essential tidbits from your life gone — your children’s photos as well as your hilarious selfies, the video clips of the parties you attended, texts from loved ones and friends and the 100th level of your game of choice Your contacts disappear within a blink?

It’s not the case if you’ve saved your phone. By creating backups of your phone’s information, you are able to restore your data in the event that the necessity arises.

Backup features built into Google Android’s integrated features

The menu for backup and resetBacking the information on your Android smartphone is an easy stroll in the park mostly because Android can transfer phone data to Google servers. Within the Android device’s Settings menu look for a section titled”Backup and Reset. This is where you’ll be able to backup to the cloud your app’s data, WiFi passwords, preferences, and different settings, to the Google servers. In order to make this function it is necessary to create a backup account. Once you’ve got it set up, you can turn on Automatic Restore. Automatic Restore feature so that every time you install an app on any device that is logged to your account, all information and settings of that app will be restored. Check out how much is tecno camon 17 pro in Nigeria, new and refurbished mobile phones from genuine and authorized websites.

For your data to sync, ensure that the syncing feature is on. Navigate into Settings, Accounts and Google Then, select the Google account you’d like to sync. Select the Google Apps you’d like to be synced automatically.

The built-in backup function of Android isn’t able to include videos, photos, music, files, game data , or other files that are stored within the Android device. To backup these files you’ll require an additional step and certain Google or third-party applications.

Backing up Photos and Videos

Google Photos app settingsBack up your photos and videos from the Android smartphone onto your Google account by using Google Photos. Google Photos application. In order to do that, launch Google Photos, open the Google Photos App, open the left panel , then open the Settings menu. Then, select backup and Sync and turn on the. This will transfer any new or old videos and photos that you have on the Android gadget to Google Account. You can enable this feature in case you want to continue to sync new videos and photos onto the Google account.

Uploading unlimited videos and photos uploading unlimited photos and videos to Google Photos is free up to a maximum 16 megapixels resolution for images as well as 1080p HD videos. Videos and photos that have resolutions less than these are uploaded as is and if they were shot at a higher resolution Google Photos will automatically lower the resolution (and the file size accordingly)

Backing up Files

You can backup important documents and files on your Google account by using Google Drive However, it isn’t as automated like it is when backups of photos. You’ll have to upload your files manually into Google Drive. To do this, launch Google Drive. Open the Google Drive app and tap on the action button (the circle button with the plus symbol) in the lower left edge of your screen. Select Upload and choose the files you wish to transfer into Google Drive. After your files have been transferred, the files will be available through your Google account using Google Drive. Itel p36 pro specs and price in Nigeria is reasonable compared to similar featured models

It is also possible to save files to the cloud by using your Dropbox account. Simply tap the action button located in the lower-right-hand corner, click Upload files, and then choose the file you want to upload. It is possible to upload any file that you have the ability to access via your smartphone.

Backing up Game Data

A lot of Android games have the ability to save, backup and restore the game’s progress and information. If you’d like backing your game progress it is your first step to do before installing a new game.

If you’re willing to make some effort using third-party backup applications to backup your games and other applications.

Other Third-Party Apps for Backing Up

It’s true that the Google Play Store offers a range of backup apps to back up your Android device’s crucial data. Here are a few of the top ones we’ve discovered.

Easy Backup and Restore

This Easy backup and Restore application (free available on Google Play) can back all your messages from SMS, SMS calendar events, call logs, bookmarks, contacts, dictionary, and applications (including app data for root devices; however, only APK files are available for devices that are not rooted).

When you have completed your backup, the application will generate a ZIP file that contains your information. This is the file you use for restoring your files. If you ever have to restore your data, click on Restore and then locate it. Then, select the ZIP backup archive.

You can also configure this application to automatically create backups. In the settings menu, go to and click on Schedule backup to specify what data you want to backup as well as the location to save the backup file, and how often you backup the device.

Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium appHelium AppHelium – Sync with backup ($4.99 in Google Play) can back your app’s data without the need to root your device. For devices that are not rooted, you can utilize this Helium desktop client and enable the Helium application for the Android device. Start the application, and then connect your device to your computer using it having the Helium Desktop client running. It’s only necessary to do this when you reboot the Android device. Rooted Android devices don’t need this step, and you can start backup of your data right immediately.

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