7 Wired Signs Of Iron Deficiency!

Iron inadequacy is the most common problem these days. Although anyone can have low iron levels, small children and menstruating women are at higher risk. This nutrient plays a vital role in the body, keeping you energetic by transporting oxygen to each organ. And its inadequacy can also cause anemia that in turn leads to cardiovascular problems. 


Iron deficiency can result in unpleasant symptoms, such as tiredness, weakness, etc. But, unfortunately, iron scarcity is not easy to identify in the early stages. Iron deficiency anemia symptoms reflect over time, and you should detect them as early as possible. Once identified, anemia can be treated with pills or liquid iron supplements. The reason is that natural foods cannot fulfill the high iron demand of toddlers and women. By devouring iron alternatives, you can boost your iron level at a much faster rate. Its substitutes come in several forms like gummies, chewable tablets, liquid, etc.; you can choose the one that suits you best. This article will shed light on 7 strange signs of iron deficiency that will help you keep things from getting worse.

  • Swollen Tongue


You might not know, but it’s true that a strangely swollen tongue is the key sign of iron deficiency. It is also called atrophic glossitis and tender tongue. This will cause difficulty in chewing and swallowing the food. Also, atrophic glossitis will cause problems with talking. Researchers have found that of 75% of iron-deficient people, nearly 27% have unexplained swollen tongue issues. So, if you or your loved ones are also facing such an issue, it is crucial to concern the nearby physician. 

  • Feeling Extreme Cold


Apart from hypothyroidism, feeling extremely cold is also a sign of iron shortage in blood. Generally, the hands and feet of people with iron deficiency anemia remain cold even in the normal temperature. The reason is that anemic people don’t have enough RBCs to transport oxygen to every body tissue. Therefore, you should not ignore this symptom at all and start taking liquid iron supplements as soon as possible.

  • Hair Dryness & Shedding


Hair dryness and shedding are other common signals of low iron stores. The reason is the same; poor oxygen supply to the cells due to a shortage of hemoglobin in the blood. With low iron levels, hair will not receive the nutrients and start to become thin. In severe cases, it may lead to baldness. Hence, if you found more than 100 hairs on the hairbrush, make an appointment with the best doctor in the area without any second thought. 

  • Craving For Dirt & Ice


Craving for dirt and ice is pretty common in anemic people. If you also have a craving for paint chips, cardboard, soil, or other strange things, your iron content may not be up to the mark. It is known as Pica and, unfortunately, a bit difficult to catch as most individuals feel ashamed to admit strange cravings. But, this hesitation can put you in big trouble later. 

  • Cracked & Dry Lips


It is obvious that lips become dry and quite painful in winters. But, at the same time, iron deficiency can also be a reason for this problem. It affects the corners of the mouth and is known as angular cheilitis. Those cracks make smiling, eating, and talking a bit difficult. Although temporary relief can be done with ointments and creams, leveling up the iron stores is the only permanent solution.

  • RLS


RLS is a restless legs syndrome and occurs in iron-deficient people. In this condition, you will feel the urge to move your legs again and again while sitting on the chair. Apart from this, a burning & tingling sensation also occurs to your leg if your body’s iron level is quite low. 

  • Brittle & Fragile Nails


The nails of iron-deficient people become fragile and break easily, and in some cases, the shape of nails becomes weird, like a spoon. This condition is known as Koilnochiya and should be given attention immediately.

The Bottom Line-:


There are many natural foods that are beneficial for treating anemia. However, they cannot boost iron levels quickly. Therefore, taking iron supplements along with iron-rich foods is essential. 

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