9 Proven Tips To Increase Your Child’s Height

Height is one of the key factors in the growth and development of a child. If your munchkin’s height is not upto the mark, it’s a clear signal that your child suffers from malnutrition. Therefore, like weight, it is also essential to measure the kids’ height within a dedicated time interval. There are various ways to increase a child’s height to the optimum level. 

Although all kids grow differently, there is a standard limit that must be reached. The infant must grow around 10 inches in length after 12 months of birth. Then, about 5 inches height must be increased in the second year, and in the third year, their height should increase by 2.5 inches. At puberty, female height should be 5.2,” and male height should be 5.7″ in India. From genetic disorders to iron deficiency, several factors affect a child’s height. That’s the reason many pediatricians suggest liquid iron supplements to toddlers.

In this guide, we will discuss the key tips that help your child achieve the required height.

  • Give Them Balanced Nutritional Diet

A balanced nutrition diet plays an important role when it comes to increasing kids’ height. This is because what they eat directly affects their growth & development. Therefore every nutrient must be included in their meal, such as proteins, carbs, iron, calcium, fats, to grow tall. From milk products to meat, vegetables to fruits, cereals to fiber-rich food, give them all nutrients.

  • Encourage Them To Do Stretching Exercise

Stretching is another effective way to increase your kid’s height. So, encourage your offspring to do stretching exercises. It elongates the spine and improves the overall body structure of the child. You can encourage them to start with simple exercises. For example, ask your loved one to sit on the floor and then tell them to try to touch the toes with their arm. It will surely give you positive results.

  • Yoga Poses Are Helpful

Yoga poses are equally helpful as stretching exercises. If your little hero or fairy is above 4, you can motivate them to do yoga. Some yoga asanas, including “Surya namaskar” “chakra asana,” are very helpful to make your child taller. These yoga poses stretch the entire body and keep your child in shape as well. 

  • Skipping

Skipping not just increases the height but also has many other benefits. It is best for cardiovascular health and keeps children active. Apart from this, small kids really enjoy skipping. It could be done alone or in the company of friends. Encourage your child to jump rope for optimal length.  

  • Posture Matters

To grow your child taller, it is pivotal for them to have proper posture. Bending and slouching can affect their height as well as negatively affect their body. It can affect the spine’s shape and later introduce back pain. Whether it’s about studying, having dinner or any other activity, remind your little hero to sit and stand straight. 

  • Hanging Exercises

.The next come in a row is hanging exercises. Hanging from the bar also stretches the spine and boosts your child’s height. It has been done for decades. Furthermore, pull-ups are also an efficient way to strengthen the muscles as well as the spine. However, it is not recommended for toddlers because their muscles are quite weak and under development

  • Swimming 

If you have a swimming pool in your society or community, it would be great to take your kid there. Swimming is a full-body exercise; it strengthens all muscles and aids in losing extra fats. Not just that, every kid enjoys playing in the water. 

  • Jogging Is Best 

The benefits list of jogging is very long. But, it is the simplest thing that your child can do to increase their height. Inspire them to jog daily with you to make the overall experience joyful. 

  • Give Them Nutrition Alternatives

Many children do a plethora of tantrums while eating food. For them, it is vital to be fed multivitamin and liquid iron supplements to become taller. Iron plays a crucial role in growth, and its deficiency can affect your little one’s height.

In Final Words-:

Hope you find the above tips helpful and follow them to accelerate your munchkin’s height.

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