A Complete Guide to Use Windshield Wipers in A Car

Despite being a minor element of your automobile, windshield wipers have a significant influence on your driving and safety. In only a few seconds they can clear your roof of debris such as pollen, ice, snow, and rain.

Wiper arms are moved by a motor that drives them over the windshield. For enhanced visibility, the metal or hard plastic arms drag a thin rubber or silicone blade over the windshield.

How to operate windshield wipers in a car?

Knowing how to operate windshield wipers in a car is a very simple job and it doesn’t require much technical knowledge. You can learn how to operate windshield wiper just by following a few easy steps

All the cars in India have the windshield wiper control on the left side of the steering wheel.

If you want to operate the windshield washer you just have to pull the lever towards you and there will be splashes of water in the windscreen.

Now, for operating the windshield wiper you need to pull down the wiper controller downwards from off position to level 1 for intermittent operation of the windshield wipers. Intermittent option is when the wiper will not move continuously but instead it will move at regular intervals.

When you pull down the lever to level 2 you will have continued low speed operation.

Pulling down the lever to lever 3 will provide you with continuous high-speed operations

When you pull the lever upward and hold it there you will have continuous high-speed operation that will last as long as you hold the lever in that same position. This feature comes in handy when you have to deal with unexpected splashes.

Window Wipers: Cleaning and Maintaining

When you buy wiper blades online or from a store, you must also know how to clean and maintain it because it will help your car windshield wipers go a long way.

Cleaning your wiper blades is one method to extend their life and increase their performance! To clean the wipers, use a clean rag and warm, soapy water. Remove any residual debris and oil by wiping the edge of the blade with an alcohol-soaked towel.

Wash your windshield frequently to eliminate dirt and grime for optimal wiper operation. Building up dirt may harm your wiper arms, as well as your windshield, making it difficult to see.

Windshield Wiper Blades: How Long Do They Last?

Change your wiper blades as part of your normal maintenance regimen every six months to a year, depending on weather conditions and the substance of the blades.

Windshield wiper blades might shred if they aren’t replaced at the correct intervals. Not only are the wipers rendered useless, but the exposed metal or plastic wiper arm can also harm the windshield as it scrapes against the glass surface.

What are signs that you should change your windshield wiper?

When you go to a website to buy car accessories online, and you spot excellent pair of windshield wipers and you are thinking if you should change your current windshield wipers then you must know all the signs of damaged wipers

You should replace your windshield wipers if:

  • The wipers are moving in a jerky manner.
  • Damage to the blade such as tears or cracks.
  • Streaks or holes in your windshield’s coating.
  • Reduction in driving vision, even when the wipers are running.
  • When in operation, it makes squeaking or chattering noises.

What are Car Wiper blades composed of?

Components of the Car Windscreen

  • Wiper Blade
  • Wiper Link
  • Wiper Motor
  • Wiper Arm

Tips for to maintain Windshield Wipers

In order to be effective, windshield wipers must be utilized while the windshield is slick with water. A dry surface might cause them to wear out considerably more quickly than they would otherwise, resulting in additional costs. For a dry windshield, such as when dust has accumulated, push the washer button first to get rid of the dirt and debris. Your car’s windshield washer fluid level must be maintained as part of your wiper system’s maintenance.

The screws on the wiper should be checked periodically if you don’t want the wiper blades to fall out of the automobile while you’re driving. Checking this should be a priority when it comes to the wipers, which work extra hard in heavy rains. Unscrew the screws a little and tighten them a little further, but be careful not to over-tighten them.


In order to clean car glass that has been exposed to dust or rain, windshield wipers are an essential automobile exterior item. Front and rear windshield wipers are often installed on a vehicle’s front and rear windshields.

As a result, the windshield wiper does not interfere with the driver’s ability to see ahead and backward. A wiper’s performance is directly related to driving safety, thus it’s important. When it rains heavily, there is condensation on the windshield, and the car does not utilize its windscreen wipers. As a result of dew on the windshield, the driver’s vision may be obscured. Accidents become more likely as a result. Windshield wipers are required on all automobiles because of their importance.

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