Amazing Things Found Only at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is an art store that we cannot just drive past by without at least peeking inside. It has amazing things stacked neatly up in cabinets. Although this is enough to keep your inner satisfaction level to the maximum, but we cannot help but buy something. You cannot go inside without coming outside with something in your hands. However, there is no regret with the purchases because the small and cute finds that you come across keeps you giddy all day.

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Let us skim through the things we found at Hobby Lobby.

Giant Calendars

If you like organizing yourself into a routine, you will love this product. It is basically a large calendar, but the style is simply amazing. With a black board type structure, you can simply fill in all the details daily. You can make up your routine and put it somewhere that it keeps reminding you of the things you have yet to do. The tempting thing about it is its aesthetic style which just forces you to pick out the dollar bills for its purchase.


What? Knobs? Yes! I absolutely love these! You can literally find knobs of any colors, style, and shape that you can imagine. Just being there in the aisle where these knobs are present can fulfil your aesthetic sense within seconds and still leave you wanting more. You can put these knobs in exchange of hooks so all your towels, clothes, and maybe even socks can hang safely on these tiny holders. You can use them as knobs as well on cabinets in the kitchen and drawers of your closet. It just adds value to the room and a crafty style to the holder.

Letter boards

If what you need are little doses of motivation to go through the day, get these letterboards. They come in various shapes and sizes. But the best thing about them are the colored frames that are vibrant and adds to the value of the room. You can put in different quotes or even gift it to someone after putting loving sentences within the frame.


I know what you are thinking, you can buy paint from your local store within minutes. But if you are saying that, then you have not seen the aisle where paints are kept. You will go crazy just by seeing the big section where all these different, vibrant colors are visible. You can stand there for hours just admiring the aesthetic vibe or deciding which paint tubes should be lucky enough to go home with you today. From oil paint, spray paint, acrylic of shades you did not know the name of, to metallic paints, glass paints and even colorful chalk!

Wash tapes

When you are thinking of colors, you must be thinking about wash tapes. They are the second-best thing to paints when it comes to arts and crafts. The wash tapes at Hobby lobby are some of the best and diverse in nature. You can find these thin strips to be of vibrant and attractive colors and different styles that will add value to your project. You can put them on envelopes, gift boxes, packaging boxes, or on different arts projects.

Wood Signs

If you need wood for your projects, this is where you should be headed instead of a forest with an axe. The wood section is here just satisfying. You will find all kinds of cutouts to paint, or use as your drawing board. The cutouts vary in shapes and sizes. From window frames to fences, you can find the basic forms of wood cutouts that can keep you busy for the vacations at the least.

Wrapping Paper

Hobby Lobby has an amazing wrapper paper collection for everyone. If you have a gift to wrap, you will find different styled papers that you can use. And that too, at an affordable price! You can get a bunch and stock them for later use. You can even use them as sheets for drawers because they are thick and great in quality. As for the colors and patterns, there are so many and so diverse that you will have to see to believe.


Do you think you will be planning a trip to the shop after reading this? I know, for one, that I am tempted to go through their online store at the least. With the daily deals, you are bound to buy something! We hope you gained something out of reading this blog. It was fun writing about it as well.

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