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The traditional way we all know to become a lawyer in the UK is to study for a Study Law degree (LLB). There is another way for those who have not pursued Law as an undergraduate but can opt for a diploma in law course.

Undoubtedly, Law is an incredibly famous subject for students to pursue at university, and the UK is the best place for law schools in the whole world. It is also known as home to Law.

There is no denying that numerous students dream of studying Law, given the range of different degrees and career opportunities that are available after studying. Some of the universities stand out in their distinctive way of teaching Law, so opting for the best university can positively influence the content and structure of your degree.

In this blog, you will find a detailed guide on why the UK is the best option for pursuing a law degree and what some of the best universities to choose from. Let’s begin with the intricate details.

Top Universities In UK For Law Degree

UK law rank 2024 Law rank 2024 University City/town
1 7 University Of Oxford Oxford
2 3 University Of Cambridge Cambridge
3 12 University College Of London London
4 14 London School Of Economics And Political Science London
5 13                       University Of Edinburgh Edinburgh
6 27 Kings College Of London London


1. University of Oxford

This is the world-famous university. It is known for its renowned quality of scholars, and legal professionals counted as remarkable alumni. Numerous law books worldwide are written by those working or who have worked with this university’s faculty. This means that undergraduates learn directly from the world’s top legal mind. The libraries are filled with informative resources that are accessible to every student and make the university an exquisite place to study Law. The application procedure is a bit difficult but rewarding for those who succeed. Still, if you think you cannot compose an ideal application for admission, then you can opt for any personal statement writing service. So, prepare yourself for a challenge if you choose to apply here.

2. University of Cambridge

This is similar to the University of Oxford. It also boosts an incredible law degree program. This institute secures top spots in the ranking of universities across the world. Every faculty possesses some great expertise. The university offers different categories of Law to undergraduates. They are provided with modules like animal rights law, international Law, and Criminology. The teaching style and other academic criteria are similar to those of the University of Oxford.

3. University College London

UCL is among the best legal practice institutes in London. The university is recognized for its best links with the best commercial law firms, incorporating fields like Slaughter and May and numerous barristers’ chambers. The university works with many firms, which helps them in building networking and provides future opportunities for their students. Unsurprisingly, this institute’s students work on big training contracts with different firms. They also focus on legal innovation and tackling new legal issues in the field, such as media law and intellectual property.


4. London School of Economics and Politics

This university offers an excellent law program that captures students worldwide because of its distinctive approach. The university’s specialist in politics informs and social science. The teaching style encourages discussion around relevant legal issues. Overall, the institute has a broad approach to legal issues, drawing painfully on political and economic theory, making it a unique experience to study Law.


5. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has a global reputation of quality for its law institute, both at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. It is feasibly the best UK University to provide scots law, and those seeking to study here should praise this difference when taking into account future employment opportunities.

Law students at the University of Edinburgh experience a wide range of legal opportunities in Scotland and beyond. The chances of networking at the university are strong and coupled with the standard of academic offerings. The university is the best choice for those who are seeking to practice as a solicitor.

6. King’s College London

King’s College London is the last London University on this list and holds the top fifteen spot in the world ranking. Undoubtedly, they have the world’s deserved ranking. The requirement to get into the university is an A*. The institute picks top-notch students and provides high-quality teaching in their institute. They also offer dual degrees and provide opportunities for studying abroad, which allows students to gain an enriched educational experience. LLB in Singapore and Law with transnational legal studies are just a couple of distinctive pathways for students in this university undergraduate course. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to ask for Law personal statement help to get admission to your dream university.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does LLB have a bright future?

A UK law degree leads to many reputable careers both outside and inside the legal system. Therefore it is crucial for those who desire to succeed in a law career to pursue a degree in a country that offers quality degrees.

  1. Is the UK a good option for pursuing a law degree?

The top countries in which to pursue law courses are the United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (USA), Japan, and Australia. These countries offer the best law degrees from top-ranked universities, according to Times Higher Education and QS world ranking 2024.

  1. Are law jobs in demand in the UK?

As the demand for legal services increased, so did the job demand, which also increased due to a rise in insolvencies. According to an authentic survey, around 60% more company insolvencies in 2024.

Let Us Conclude

IStudy Law. The legal knowledge you will get could be used for different in-house roles like the corporate and political world, legal advisor for human rights groups or a charity, etc.

These six universities mentioned above offer premium quality teaching and broad curriculum. It is important to look at and research on your own before choosing any institute. But these six universities are the perfect place to begin.

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