What is the difference between Google cloud and Google Drive?

What is the difference between Google Cloud and Google Drive?


Google Cloud is a legit platform of cloud computing services officially introduced by Google itself. You will find this platform providing a wide series of services related to storage, application, development, that executes and run-on Google Hardware. In recent years, Google Cloud Training In Gurgaon has received immense popularity because of its unique services. At the moment, it is one of the most hugely demanded courses of the IT platform. The difference between Google Cloud and Google Drive is Google cloud is an online storage platform whereas Google drive is a personal storage platform. What is the difference between Google Cloud and Google Drive?

What exactly is Google cloud?

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of public cloud computing services offered by Google. The platform includes a range of hosted services for compute, storage and application development that run on Google hardware.

Importance of Google Cloud Certification

Well in detail, there are three types of Google Cloud Certifications, which is Associate, Professional, and User Certification.

Let’s know each one of them individually:-

  • Associate Certification –This level certification is focused on the fundamental capabilities of deploying, monitoring, and maintaining projects on the Google cloud. This certification is a good starting line for those new to the cloud and can be used as a route to professional degree certifications.
  • Professional Certification– the professional certification focuses on technical activity capabilities and determines superior talents in layout, implementation, and management.
  • User Certification – The user certification is meant for people with experience using Google workspace and determines a person’s capacity to apply center collaboration gear.

That confirmed- Google Cloud prides itself on presenting lower expenses than its competitors.

  • Google cloud gives around 50 one-of-a-kind offerings, while AWS gives more than two hundred and is greater characteristic-wealthy. Many of the additional offerings are critical for large organizations with exacting requirements for his or her cloud environments, even though Google Cloud does provide a center range of offerings that meet the wishes of maximum groups.
  • Google cloud truly has a bonus in phrases of flexibleness with far greater possibilities for customization of compute instances than AWS, which offers restrained opportunities for customization.
  • Each platform of Google Cloud offers predefined instances to fulfill the needs of most agencies, but with the Google cloud platform, if compute desires do now no longer wholesome the predefined instances, it’s some distance feasible to create custom VMS to avoid buying ability that isn’t usually required.
  • Google Cloud gives greater flexibility, pace, wins on pricing, and gives a number of products and services that meet the needs of most agencies with a totally generous unfastened tier.

Companies are continuously looking for opportunities to reduce charges, and cloud computing is one region where massive financial savings may be made—although it is difficult to behavior a significant Google cloud VS AWS evaluation on pricing on my own.

Importance Reimbursement OF Education GOOGLE CLOUD

There are several advantages of learning approximately Google Cloud. Moreover, if you’ll delve into its details, then you’ll recognize each bit and piece associated with this platform.

  • You will find Google Cloud protecting your data, applications, infrastructure, and clients from fraudulent activity, spam, etc.
  • While working with Google Cloud, you will get the opportunity to use the same infrastructure and protection offerings Google uses.
  • Moreover, this platform will bestow you with Google Cloud’s networking, data storage, and compute offerings supply data encryption at rest, in transit, and use.
  • This generation will offer you pleasant cloud web website hosting benefits. Like it’ll assist you’re taking gain of redundant backups, personal international fiber network, higher pricing, and stepped forward overall performance respectively.
  • While working with Google Cloud, you will get the opportunity to know about other technologies as well. You will get the opportunity to learn Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Databases, Internet-of-Things, hybrid, and multi-cloud features.
  • Acquiring a proper certification of Google Cloud will help you to get into the well-established IT sector.
  • With having this certification in hand, you will be able to grab a high salary structure as well.
  • This certification will help you to stay in this field for a longer time.


Well, Google Cloud is a type of generation that has a sparkly future ahead. And if your interest definitely lies in this route, then opting for proper certification of this route is probably the ideal route for you. Its adaptability, security, and manipulation over information centers make this platform the most desired one. In fact, in the interim, you can phrase huge corporations searching for expert Google Cloud experts as there’s a huge demand, and the furnish is few as well. So, selecting this route might be an appropriate choice for your career.

Below is the point which focuses on the benefits of acquiring a Google Cloud Certification:-

  1. Receive Google cloud certification merchandise for each professional degree certification earned.
  2. Build your professional community and engage with different certified leaders with the aid of getting access to a different Google cloud-certified network.
  3. Choose into a publicly accessible credential holder directory created for the certified community and liberate the employment opportunities.
  4. Get hold of a 50% discount relevant toward recertification.

Get a unique chance to wait for virtual and in-individual enterprise occasions hosted through Google cloud and earn extra impressions. BismilSoft What is the difference between Google Cloud and Google Drive?


The listed information significantly indicates the worth of this technology. If you are interested in this field and want to build your career out of it then, choosing Google Cloud Online Training will be the best way for you. Online Google Cloud Training In India Opting for expert schooling will assist to collect good enough statistics from surprisingly certified experts. In fact, on the cease of the course, you may additionally turn out to be having several jobs gives in hand.

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