Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Connections

A plugin is an add-on for a website that is used to enhance the productivity and functionality of a website. When it comes to social media and its website presence it has become an essential element of business awareness and brand marketing. A website that does not have social media presence can lack a lot of business opportunities by ignoring the potential customers that can be retrieved from social media and may visit the website for buying the products and services. 

There are dozens of WordPress plugins that help you to build your social media connections with ease. Finding the best WordPress plugin for social media connections among the number of WordPress plugins available in the market can be difficult. 

Here, in this blog, we are going to tell you about some of the best WordPress plugins which will suit your website and will add a suitable amount of success to your business growth. 

Revive Social

One of the most popular plugins that will notify you about your previous posting and the amount of constant traffic received on the post or blog. It ensures you ease the post sharing directly via connecting to your WordPress Dashboard. 

With the Revive social plugin, you can instantly share your previous shared content whether it is a post, page, or other. One of the best features of adding relevant hashtags makes revive social a must-have plugin for your website. You can grab these benefits by staying on your website. 

Now the question arises that how old post can benefit your website? The answer to this question is simple the old post on your website goes out of your homepage when new posts are constantly delivered to your audience. Re-sharing the old post on social media can revive them and can bring new traffic to your website. 

You can also schedule your posting timings not to miss your time zones. It works with all the popular social media platforms. 

Smash Balloon

If you want to manage your feed on Instagram Smash Balloon can be one of the suitable plugins for you. This will make sure that all your promotional Instagram photos are posted nicely in WordPress. After generating an Instagram token you can use various short codes to display the feed on your site. You can add multiple accounts to display on your site. 

Smash Balloon is not good at marking its presence on Instagram but also it’s beneficial for Facebook feed plugins, YouTube feed plugins, and Twitter feed plugins. 

Shared Count 

Shared Counts is an easy way to count your audience interactions made on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Yummly, and LinkedIn. 

You can show the number of counts present on each social network. It also helps you to discover the most noticed or viewed content and retrieve the counts from all the social media accounts. It allows you to display social sharing buttons and maintain your site performance. The best thing is it does not require any tracking scripts, cookies, or user information. It shows how secure this plugin is.


Monarch is a product by ElegentThemes made for WordPress. It can be used on over 30 social sharing networks for your website. You can add suitable social media platforms as per your website needs. 

Social sharing buttons should be placed appropriately as they can make a lot of difference in your social media promotion. 

You can also share pictures and other important media with this plugin over social media platforms. It also displays the share count. 


Buffer is also a famous social media plugin, it helps you to schedule your social media post on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, etc. 

With the help of buffer, you can easily add a new post on your buffer account and it will automatically get shared on your other social media accounts.

Add To Any 

Add to Any share button is a WordPress plugin that allows website visitors to share the content wherever they want without any restrictions. This allows your website to gain more traffic and hence gaining more revenue. It is easy to install and use for any type of WordPress website. 

WordPress Social Plugin 

If you want to enhance your social media connections by allowing your visitors or users to indulge in your social media activities then WordPress social plugin can be the right choice for you. 

If you want to grab some more interacting activities then you can install this plugin. By using this plugin your users can register themselves, log in to it and comment on your posts from their social media accounts. It supports mostly all well-known social networking platforms. It also has modules like user insights, user manager buddy manager, and many more. 

Social Locker 

Social Locker can be considered one of the unique plugins for WordPress. It is designed to lock certain content on your website and it can be only unlocked if the visitor or the user finishes the desired action for example following the social media accounts of your brand. The locked content is accessible after the desired action is completed by the user. This plugin helps you to identify the actual followers on social media who are interested in your products or services. You can try this plugin for free for seven days of period. It is mostly popular for content creators and bloggers. 


In conclusion, Social media presence is unavoidable while running a website. Social Media Marketing plays an important role in the creation of your brand awareness. However, you are now clear with the different type’s most popular plugins available for a WordPress website. 

There are a lot of plugins in the market but you need to focus on the plugins which make sense to your website. There are both paid and free plugins to enhance your website productivity through social media. We suggest you go for the paid plugins for better results and productivity. 

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