Body fit workout what is it

1.Mind Body is the most intelligent fitness trend

Mind Body is a workout for fitness intellectuals, conscious work to create a strong, healthy, attractive body. This type of fitness is characterized by soft loads, precise adaptation to the capabilities of the body. The complex includes elements of bodyflex, Pilates, stretching, yoga and other popular areas of fitness and wellness practices.

The Mind Body Training System is suitable for those who: busy with mental work and little movement;

wants to improve the body, but does not know where to start;

has problems with the spine and posture, suffers from headaches;

sits at the computer a lot:

not enduring enough due to the lack of cardio training.

The main advantage of the Mind Body direction in fitness is its versatility, this training system suits everyone, without exception. If you train regularly, motivate yourself to gradually increase the load, set realistic goals – Mind Body will help you model a slim, fit, flexible figure.

2.Benefits for those who haven’t trained in a long time

Even if you have already lost the habit of sports, the Mind Body direction does not create a stressful situation for the body. Everything happens at the level of your capabilities, at a calm pace. The key feeling of exercising is lightness, lack of tension and excessive effort. Muscles and joints gradually adapt to stress. Classes evoke pleasant emotions, do not get bored because of a variety of alternating exercises.

3.What types of fitness are included in the complex

a.Bodyflex -A special set of aerobic breathing exercises for fat burning and muscle development. It has an excellent effect on muscle tone and posture due to stretching elements and static exercises.

b.Callanetics – Pinkney Callan gymnastics based on soft stretching, bends, half-splits, swinging, natural breathing.

c.Pilates -A system originally designed for rehabilitation after severe spinal injuries. Regular training strengthens the core muscles of the back and abdomen, helping to maintain the correct body position.

d.Yoga – static exercises, stretching, rotation and bending with special breathing that oxygenates every organ. Helps to relax, get rid of muscle stiffness, emotional overload.

e.Dance -interesting health and physical practice, forms a sane body based on elements of martial arts and dance movements.

f.Normal Exsercise – an oriental set of exercises that helps to achieve physical, emotional balance and purity of energy channels. The emphasis is on working with joints to maintain flexibility and youthfulness.

4.How is the training going?

Mind Body is based on the correct balance of movement and breathing. For their perfect synchronization, concentration, concentration on each movement, the correct rhythm of inhalation and exhalation are necessary. The workout lasts 1-1.5 hours. The set of exercises is built from simple to difficult, with each lesson the level of difficulty gradually and gradually increases.

a.warm-up to warm up all muscle groups;

b.breathing exercises;

c.complex for flexibility,

d.coordination and synchronization of movements.

The program contains up to 500 exercises, the trainer combines them, making the most effective complex for a group or each participant. The main elements of body flex, Pilates, stretching are performed. Articular gymnastics and exercises for all parts of the spine are practiced. Classes are attractive because the movements are performed until the first feeling of fatigue, without stress, overexertion, muscle pain. As soon as discomfort appears, fatigue – the exercise stops.

The technique used in MindBody is more important than the intensity and number of repetitions. Classes are usually held in small groups, the trainer gives each participant the correct technique and gives recommendations on how to achieve the best result. Workouts take place at a calm pace, without serious cardio load and tension, muscles and tendons are well worked out.

The result of training with the Mind Body system: a safe aerobic regime, the heart and lungs are trained;

b.the spine, muscles and joints are well worked out;

c.the tone increases, the appearance improves;

d.back pain and headaches disappear;

e.tightened muscles are released;

f.flexibility and strength increase, muscle corset and posture are improved.

There are no exhausting workouts in Mind Body, but there is a result, and this sets it apart from other areas of fitness. Already after a few weeks of classes, the state of health improves, a sense of balance, awareness of movements develops, a person understands his body better. The joints and spine become more flexible and healthy, and the need for medications decreases. Movements acquire the gracefulness of dancers. The development of internal muscles contributes to the efficient functioning of internal organs.

Regular exercise stimulates blood and lymph circulation, restoring oxygen exchange in tissues. All this at the systemic level improves immunity and strengthens health.


Smart fitness suits every relatively healthy person. The program is available to people with disabilities and chronic injuries, young mothers, the elderly. No special training is required. The list of restrictions and contraindications includes:

recent injuries;


asthma, epilepsy;

transferred heart attacks;

mental illness;

serious injuries and diseases of the spine.

You should not attend classes during the flu and colds, exacerbation of chronic diseases, after surgery.

6.Sportswear and training equipment

To start practicing Mind Body, you need a mat – gymnastic or yoga. To perform Pilates elements, you will need a fitball. A chair and a soft circle (freeform) are also useful for working out the spine. All these Activity Improved Body fitness you feel energetic and you have achived power full mind.

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