Brief Introduction to Underground Warning Tapes

In today’s world, the real estate business has synonymously displayed progress and development. Due to which commonly, one can see the number of construction executing in the surrounding place especially in the metros and its nearby areas because such places are the source of a lot of activities and revenue generation. Therefore, it is necessary to cordon off the area so that inconvenience is not caused to the people working in the surrounding.

What are warning tapes and underground warning tapes?

These tapes are used for higher hazard levels in comparison to caution tapes. When-so-ever, the danger level is higher and designed perfectly so that it can be read and noticed easily from a safe distance. Warning tape is used in those areas where there is a dangerous situation that can lead to severe injury or death. These tapes are used whenever there is a risk of property damage or personal injury. A few examples of warning tapes are:

  • High Voltage could cause serious injury
  • Hazardous materials storage area
  • Explosive material
  • Moving equipment and machinery

Whereas, underground warning tape is a sort of pipeline tape that needs to be buried or sub-surfaced such as cables, mains, ducts, etc. The underground warning tapes are generally in fluorescent color having large and bold texting that is easily readable. It needs to be installed on the surface of the utility location that previously displayed the warning signs as well as it can be even installed in the area like gas, electricity, telecommunication, and water services. The pipeline tape is integrated from 50-micron virgin grade low-density polyethylene which has no traces of PVC.

Importance of underground warning tapes:

The major perspective of using warning tape is to make the employees and people in the relevant area are informed and cautious about the danger that is lurking within the organization. It helps mark hazardous ones to serve the appropriate course of action that needs to be done to avoid the dangers. Safety needs to be implemented in the organization if the employees are aware of the danger zone as well as have the proper knowledge about handling the perilous situation. The employers need to mark all the containers comprising of the hazardous material. The marking needs to be eye-catching for every individual having a normal vision as well as the message need to be mentioned so that one does not get confused and misinterpret thing.  With the investment in the tapes, employers get the opportunity to escape from the accidents that can raise penalties over regulatory bodies of adding a haphazard security system.

Where is it applied?

Underground warning tape is particularly designed to highlight the cables that are buried or even sub-surfaced. With the use of such tape, awareness is raised which eventually results in the reduction of hazardous risk. It helps prevent damages or injury during working or excavating or warns the passer for utility location.  The tape is used majorly for the label and identification of the Fire mains, Buried electrical mains, Gas pipelines, Street lighting cables, CCTV lines, Underground TV/telephone wires, Fibre optic cables, Road ducts, and Traffic signal wires.

How is it useful?

The tapes placed on the cables or any objects will not only help in the identification of the correct location in comparison to the previous days. Moreover, it even provides the idea to the people passing by that the cables are submerged beneath the ground just to minimize the risk of tripping. The tapes presented by warning tape manufacturers even comply with the health and safety standards which are useful for the workers as well as the general public moving here and there.

How to reduce buried cable risk with the use of warning tapes for underground cables?

Underground cables are the most common practices accomplished in urban areas.  These tapes are not only useful in minimizing the damages caused to buried cables but even reduce the risk of disturbance in the future. But, burying the cables can even cause a breakdown in the electricity supply due to future work in the area which can lead to serious problems and death too.

Several regulatory bodies have provided a guideline for the construction industry to be more cautious and aware of the danger that can cause in the working space of live underground services. The governmental bodies have laid guidance which includes planning the works, locating and identifying buried services as well as safe excavation. This simple step of marking can help protect the underground power cable from accidents and disturbance.


Thus, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. has finally introduced the best quality underground warning tapes that are divided into two categories: premium and economy grades. The difference of both categories is based upon their thickness but no compromise in terms of functionality. Make sure you identify the best of all!

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