What Foods diabetics should avoid

Diet plays a big role in battling any form of disease. It is therefore recommended, that diabetics take care of their diet. 

  1. Sweetened beverages: These drinks are high in carbs and should be avoided. Most of these drinks are loaded with fructose that is responsible for being resistant against insulin. By consuming these drinks, the risk of contracting fatty liver disease also increases.
  2. Trans fats: Foods like peanut butter, spreads, creamers among many others that contain trans fats are to be avoided.
  3. Processed foods: White bread, pasta and rice high in carbs and are also processed in nature. Consuming these foods poses a serious health concern for those who are diabetic.
  4. Yogurt: Yogurt in general is good for diabetic patients but flavoured yogurt is not. Many do not like consuming plain yogurt and hence choose the flavoured variant. This should be avoided especially if you are at risk of getting diabetes.
  5. Breakfast cereals: Cereals are a great option for breakfast. But, the sweetened ones can be harmful for those with diabetes and hence it should be avoided.
  6. Coffee: This beverage is known to provide many health benefits, but flavoured coffee drinks must be avoided by those at a risk of diabetes.
  7. Natural sweeteners: Many think that items like honey, agave nectar or maple syrup are healthier alternatives to white sugar. This is not true as there is evidence that suggests consuming these products can also result in the rise of blood glucose levels.
  8. Dried fruits: Due to the fact that there is water loss in dried fruits, there also happens to be an increase in the sugar content as it gets more concentrated. Therefore, it should be avoided.

Other than the food items mentioned above, there are many other food items that you should avoid. It is best that people with diabetes or who are at the risk of it, must consult their physician to know in detail what should and should not be eaten.




How can yoga help in preventing diabetes?

Practising yoga on a daily basis has a lot of health benefits in general. From keeping the mind calm to keeping the body strong, yoga is truly a wonderful form of exercise especially for those suffering from diabetes. Let’s take a look at how yoga helps battle diabetes.


  1. Firstly, certain yoga postures help rejuvenate the pancreatic cells which is basically that it stimulates the insulin producing beta cells.
  2. It also increases the glucose uptake by the muscular cells which help in lowering blood sugar levels thereby reducing cardiovascular risks.
  3. Yoga greatly aids in weight loss. So for those who are obese and at a risk of diabetes, yoga is a great way to reduce weight.
  4. Dealing with diabetes can be taxing and hence having a relaxing mind during the difficult phase is a must. Yoga can truly help calm the mind and therefore it is recommended by experts too.


Is stress and anxiety a cause for diabetes?

Studies are still underway to determine if stress and anxiety can increase the risk of diabetes. But, there is evidence that suggests that stress can be linked to type 2 diabetes. In general, stress can cause a lot of health problems.

Which is why, it is recommended that you lower stress levels by doing things that keep your mind off difficult situations. According to eminent researchers, high levels of stress hormones can contribute to the prevention of insulin producing cells.

Sometimes, people tend to overeat when they are stressed. This could lead to excessive weight gain and in turn lead to diabetes. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you eat well, sleep well and exercise daily for the sake of your mental well-being.


How to take care of a diabetic patient?

Caregivers play a crucial role in the life of a diabetic patient. It is a life-long commitment one makes towards their loved ones for their well-being. As a caregiver, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  1. Ensure their blood glucose levels are healthy. Keep a record of their blood glucose readings, diet, exercise and be in constant touch with their doctor by giving them updates as and when required.
  2. Always ensure that they are well hydrated and make sure to keep adequate gaps after and before meals when they plan on exercising. The doctor will chart out a plan, make sure to follow it religiously.
  3. Help keep them stress free by helping them indulge in some activity on a daily basis. This will keep their minds of anything that can potentially cause stress.
  4. Make sure they are grooming themselves well. Oral care and full body care is just as important. Make sure that they use doctor recommended products for their personal hygiene.
  5. It is also extremely vital that those suffering from diabetes must make sure to never walk bare feet even around the house.

Though these tasks may seem doable and not at all taxing, in reality it can be tiresome.

As a caregiver, make sure to keep your mental and physical well-being in check to avoid any problems for yourself.

Prevent type 2 diabetes by including these foods/Vegetables in your diet

Earlier, we listed the foods you should stay away from if you have diabetes. This list contains the foods that you should consider adding to your daily diet.

Remember, eating well is the key to avoiding most health related issues. Make sure you eat well as it is one definite way to keep your blood glucose levels in check.

Include lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in your diet. They are nutritious and help in keeping diabetes in control. While cooking, make sure to use less oil or butter.

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