Common Reasons Why Roofs Get Damaged (Aside from Poor Construction Materials)

When you buy the materials necessary in building a house, you should always consider not just the affordability and practicality. Most of all, you must make sure that you will be getting high quality, long lasting and durable outcomes with them. 

Sometimes, however, even if you get the best materials out there and the best custom home builders to help you, still, there are things, situations and reasons that cause your roof to get damaged. Sometimes, they are unavoidable, and most of the time, they are not easily noticeable. 

Excluding the reason of poor material quality, below are 4 other reasons why roofs get damaged:


The roof covers you as you live inside your precious house. It is the one that is mostly exposed as it is located above everything else. That brings it to a closer contact with those objects located on high heights too! 


Most especially if your house has trees around or nearby, your roof is susceptible to getting damages caused by them. Large, long and pointy branches that reach your roof can cause scratches, breaks and also paint peeling off. Those branches and limbs could have snapped from the trees because of strong winds or heavy snow. Other plant-related debris such as leaves, fruits and pine cones that may fall on your roof can cause unwanted problems as well.

For you to avoid these unfavorable events, trim away large tree branches that could come apart because of withering. Others think that having trees above the roof is comforting; they think they protect the roof just as they do if a person needs shade. While it may seem true if you just look at it, it’s not the truth. The roof does not need trees covering it in order to be shielded. What it needs is proper maintenance and safety from potential debris or sources of debris such as those. Don’t let it be bombarded with trees on top of it or beside it. 


Gutters are very important parts of the roof. They might seem like objects that resemble the usual canals, but they play a very big role in the house’s functionality and safety. 


Custom home builders and other house creation experts install gutters created to bring water away from your house and to an appropriate drainage site. A gutter system is also established so that the water reception and circulation will be seamless. 


It is important that gutters are cleaned, sustained and kept properly. Don’t let them get so dirty that water flow gets terribly obstructed. Gutters’ job is more than just catching water; they play a significant role in the house’s general construction. When gutters are clogged, they cannot function well. That can lead water to build up on the roof. When that happens, the stagnant water will cause other parts of the roof to rot. You can also end up with weakened roofing materials and eventually bigger breaks and breaches.


See to it that even before gutter installation, the whole system is carefully planned and all the materials come with excellent quality. Your custom home builders shall essentially assist you with that. 



The roof protects you from the harmful effects of different weathers, but while it does that, it’s the one that gets gradually harmed. Not only heavy rain, snow and strong winds can disrupt and destroy roofs, but even dry and hot seasons. 


At the same time, in other certain countries, ice, snow and hail can hurt both you and your roof. The weather, the elements that go with it and the events that it causes carry very disadvantageous effects on the life span of your roof.  


This is why choosing the most favorable brands and types of materials even before the home construction should be prioritized. You should look for materials that will be advantageous not just at present but also in the future. Think in advance in order to prepare for all kinds of seasons and weather. Don’t be too complacent, and don’t just think of what looks good, but most especially, of what’s most beneficial. 




You might be forgetting, so here’s a reminder that there could be animals visiting your roof from time to time too! Many roof damages that require immense roof repairs can also be caused by them. This actually depends on your house’s location. If it is located near forests, nature sites, wildlife, you can encounter animals such as squirrels and woodpeckers. Birds are the usual guests of roofs; some find them as nice spots to build their nests.


Rats and mice are among the usual culprits of roof damages because they open materials through biting and chewing them. If you see holes, you can easily think that some naugthy rats just passed by. Additionally, even your pet cats who go up and stay on your roof can cause problems to it; most especially if they scratch it or bring and leave their wastes too.


Watch out for animals that might be going to your roof. They might be friendly and cute, but their usual visit might not be for the good. They may playfully tear away covers, shingles and other little details that catch their attention and tickle their curiosity. They might also think that food can be found there. 


Call their attention to make them go away from your roof, or do something to keep them off of it. Just make sure that none of them is going to be harmed as you do so — not your roof and also not those living creatures. 




You know well that you have to be certain that quality does not suffer just because you aim for low rates when it comes to home building. Cheap prices usually equate to cheap materials; keep that in mind. 


Aside from that, you should be mindful of what else can lead your roof to destruction and damage. You must be aware and informed of them, so that you’ll know how to avoid and prevent them. In that way, you will also know how to solve them and make them better. 


Your roof is very important, so take care of it. As much as you can, keep it away from things, animals, situations and reasons that can be harsh to it.





Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Young & Co Roofing Manchester, an excellent roofing and cladding company in Greater Manchester. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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