Do Massage Guns work? Logical Research Summary

The world of competitive warm-up and recovery is being taken over by self-rub weaponry and vibrating rub gadgets. Currently, each competitor with whom I work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach has a form of a self-kneading piece of equipment. Individuals rely on the ability to rub firearms to reduce muscular aches, enhance adaptation, and assist the body with a better overall view. Still, the question remains: do knead weapons work? Or do knead weapon organizations have exceptional public relations teams?

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Do Massage Guns Work? 

Regardless, several studies suggest that vibration treatment/knead weapons increase blood flow to muscles, expand the joint range of motion, and improve muscle touchiness after exercise (DOMS). Vibrating recovery tools are thus valuable processes to remember for your recuperation program.

Do Massage Guns Help with Recovery? 

Back rub weapons and other vibrating recovery devices are advertised for their ability to aid in recovery after a workout. As I’ve previously stated, our activities and preparation in the period between instructional encounters help us to become more grounded. As a result, faster recovery from training and more dependable training will lead to more significant improvements in health.

Ordinarily, our muscles are sore after exercises, and our body discharges synthetic compounds in our blood that show muscle harm. These synthetics are signs to the body that we want to revamp our muscles more grounded. 

Practical techniques are expected to ease intense exercise-actuated weariness and keep up with solid execution limits during exercise/serious games. 

In most cases, logical tests focus on muscle irritation and material signs of muscle damage while assessing the convenience of recovery devices such as back massage weapons.

Massage Gun Effects on Muscle Soreness and Range of Motion

The impact of vibration therapy and back massage firearms on muscle sensitivity and range of motion is well-documented. The study mainly supports vibration therapy and back rub weaponry to reduce muscle discomfort after workouts and increase joint range of motion.

A new meta-analysis looked at the results of ten different research studies. It showed that when people used vibration therapy to help them recover, it significantly reduced muscle pain 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours afterward. At the 48-hour mark, I noticed the most significant difference in muscular discomfort between individuals who used vibration therapy and those who didn’t (Lu et al., 2019).

Various studies have demonstrated that confined vibration therapy, such as that provided by back rub weaponry, causes an early reduction in pain after intense exercise, which may help to prevent additional harm in subsequent activity (Imtiyaz et al., 2014; Iodice et al., 2019).

Vibrating knead therapy on the calves prompts a more developed range of movement at the lower leg (which is associated with the risk of knee wounds) A higher sit and reach score indicates a decreased risk of lower back damage (de Benito et al., 2019).

In general, if you want to reduce muscle sensitivity and DOMS while increasing range of motion and adaptability, incorporating vibrating rub devices into your workout recovery regimen is probably a good idea. Your muscles will likely feel good.

Massage Gun Effects on Muscle Damage Markers

At the point when muscles filaments go through exhausting constrictions, they get harmed. Then, at that point, they discharge synthetic substances that sign to the body to send proteins to the injured muscle to revamp and fix. The body then, at that point, remakes the power somewhat more excellent and more grounded than before, so the force is less inclined to get “harmed” again in the following exercise. Reliably separating and remaking muscle strands supports the rule of moderate over-burden and is the thing that prompts enormous muscles. 

A quicker recovery of substance markers of muscle harm might show quicker muscle remaking, fixing, and recovery after arduous exercises. 

Compared to people who did not use vibration knead weaponry, the previously stated meta-research by Lu et al.

I discovered that creatine kinase (CK), a commonly focused marker of muscle harm, is decreased 24 and 48 hours after tiring activities when vibration therapy is used.

Vibration and tension from rub guns and vibrating froth rollers increase blood flow to the exercised muscles. It increases the production of metabolites from the muscles and increases the intake of nutrients, resulting in a faster recovery (de Benito et al., 2019)

Fuller et al. compared vibrating knead firearms to stretching and regular back rubs after a workout in a study. When comparing vibration therapy to extension and back rub, they discovered no additional benefit in reducing muscle damage indicators or markers of discomfort (Fuller et al., 2015).

In any event, there aren’t many of us who have full-time access (and the financial means) to do an all-out knead after every workout! As a result, the findings of Fuller’s study suggest that using a vibration weapon to improve recovery after rigorous exercise is an excellent choice.

Do Massage Guns Help Strength Recover after Workouts? 

One of the most important aspects of preparation for people who carry loads is restoring unity following instructional meetings. We need to walk into an exercise facility and lift to our latent capability (virtually) regularly.

Surprisingly, there are mixed results when looking at the influence of vibrating knead guns on muscular strength rehabilitation after strenuous activities. There hasn’t been a lot of research done on restricted vibration therapy, like what you’d receive with a back massage firearm and strength recovery.

Vibration therapy has been demonstrated to significantly impact muscular strength recovery after intense exercise in two or three studies.

Various studies have revealed that your offbeat muscle power decreases when you use a back rub weapon (Fuller et al., 2015).

However, it has also been demonstrated that when people use limited vibration therapy instead of nothing, their quadriceps and hamstring strength improve 72 hours after heavy activity (Iodice et al., 2019).

So yet, we don’t know whether back massage weapons help you recover strength faster after rigorous workouts. According to analytical research, using guns may assist some people in quickly regaining their unity, but not others.

Our Favorite Massage Guns and Vibrating Mobility Tools: 

The Best of the Best: 

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Legal Le3 Massage Gun: Sometimes, you have to take a chance before diving in headfirst. It is the option. The Legal Le3 has six different heads, a decent stroke length, and 20 different speed options. It’s hefty and loud, but it gets the job done for under $100. Take a look at the Legal Le3 Massage Gun’s price on Amazon.


The TaoTronics Massage Gun is the back rub weaponry’s Goldilocks. For the price, the TaoTronics Massage Gun is a terrific device. It comes with six back massage heads, a long-lasting battery, and is entirely silent. Consider the TaoTronics Massage Gun’s price on Amazon.

Super Budget-Friendly: 

MobilityWOD Supernova 2.0: The Supernova is the first stage of vibrating knead recovery. Although it does not have the same percussion action as a real back rub firearm, the Supernova can provide vibration relief to tired muscles. The inexpensive price tag makes it an excellent introduction to recovery techniques as well as an excellent present! Could you take a look at it on the Rogue website?


Science is still determining how viable vibrating knead weapons are. However, it looks that they help with muscling pain after unusual activity, expand the range of motion, and may decrease blood-based synthetic substances that indicate muscle injury and aggravation.

In any case, they can also benefit mentally and act as a sham therapy. Preparation is a particular mental battle. As a result, anything that will help you accept that you’ll do better is probably worth a shot.

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