Enhance the Beauty of Your Living Space With Luxury Designer Fans

A fan, typically a ceiling model, is used to circulate air and make you feel cool. This is a staple in Indian homes. At the same time, you have to acknowledge that home decor is integral to many individuals these days, and the hiring of interior designers is common. Homes are refurbished frequently, and people desire to keep up with the times. Various elements within homes add luxury and style, and everyone wants a unique flavour.

While the decor may be your priority, you may want some utility attached to certain variables with which you decorate your home. For example, when you choose a ceiling fan for your living space, you want a robust appliance that does the job of cooling well and appealing to the eye.

Today, you don’t have to compromise on a fan, installing an ordinary one that is so typical and mundane looking. You get the best fans online from leading brands today, and one of these is the Bajaj fan Price won’t hurt you either, as you blend utility and sleek looks by buying a decorative and useful appliance.

Why Buy a Designer Fan? 

You need to assess why you buy anything from a designer or luxury brand today to answer this question. While consumers want the best quality and highest standards, they also want utility and durability. Furthermore, designer appliances come from flagship brands and have unique appearances, giving owners a sense of status and pride.

For instance, Fanzart fan models with price tags on the higher side are well worth the cost as you get fans that match your decor and innovative designs. These fans give consumers the ideal blend of operational ease and superior style. Additionally, you get a variety to match every decor with colour schemes that you cannot go wrong with.

Not Just Looks

Designer fans have many takers. They are not just in demand in residences but are installed in locations like hotels, stores, hospitals and other commercially relevant spaces like offices. Moreover, they aren’t fitted just because they have the label ‘designer’ attached. There are other valid reasons why you may want to install a designer fan in your living area:

  • Efficiency First – Designer ceiling fans come with technology and blades that move fast to circulate cool air around a room. Some fans come fitted with lights, which only improves a designer fan’s utility. These fans are efficient and durable, too, made with high-end material that can be maintained easily.
  • Save Space – You may have large living spaces, but fans are usually fitted on the ceiling, so you save a ton of floor space. You may want to put in a designer fan with attached lighting, and this gives you double the benefit of lighting and air. Alternatively, you also get floor models of designer fans, sleek and slim, fitting into any corner. For instance, you get the Tempesta from Bajaj. Fan price may be high for this, but you are ensured cooling at lower levels, say, at the side of a sofa while you sit.

Luxury Designer Fans

You can get the perfect luxury designer fan that matches any living space you want to enhance, from antique polishes to contemporary finishes. Fans are made from materials like wood and metal, among other durable materials that are rust-proof and robust. Furthermore, a variety of sizes are available to suit your room specifications, which makes a significant difference to the dispersion of cool air.

Surfaces of blades are effortlessly tended to with an action as simple as a wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Technology is also part of these fans, with the way blades are positioned and styled in the best Fanzart fan models with affordable price, these are truly worth the investment. To nudge you in the right direction, here are a few models that are popular at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

  • Fanzart Zephyr Retractable 44-inch Chrome – This is an innovatively designed fan with curved blades to improve cooling and in-built LED lights at the centre.
  • Havells Octet 1320 mm Brushed Nickel – This fan has eight blades and ensures fantastic cooling.
  • Fanzart Wave 50-inch Modern Wood – Made of Danish Teak, this fan has a distinct design that can match both modern interiors and traditional elegance. Working with a remote, it is convenient to use.

Cool Choices

With top brands in ceiling fans like Orient, Havells, Bajaj and Fanzart offering you ceiling fans that spell opulence and style, you can buy any to suit your space and interior design requirements. You can be assured of models from reputed brands, and you get a wide array of options at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

Furthermore, you can choose from floor or ceiling models, but you should know that the range you get in ceiling fans is far wider than floor models. Although luxury designer fans are steep in price, they make a real difference to the appearance of your living areas. You can afford one if you purchase with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card on No Cost EMI.

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