Everything That One Should Know About Heavy Duty Conveyor Rollers

Conveyors play an important role in industries. These are made of strong and sturdy materials that ensure their longevity and efficiency.  These are used for the simple transport of products ranging from powder to bulk to complex geometries. They are essential components of all the systems because they provide a quick and safe method of handling large volumes of material. Moreover, conveyors come in various shapes and sizes, such as Heavy Duty conveyor rollers, but their basic operation is the same: moving objects by gravity on mechanical power.

Roller Conveyors- An overview!

These are a series of rollers that are supported within the frame. It is used to transport material from one location to another, frequently using gravity or small motors.

The transported material should have a rigid riding surface that supports at least three rollers at a time. It is ideal for the proliferation processes and curtailing the product phlegm. The higher speed of this conveyor makes them useful conveyors by giving the highest speed or heavy-duty conveyor rollers machinery.

However, the design of this conveyor is simple and made with many advancements that have been followed to allow the rollers to kick up with the industry standards. The biggest innovation is a live roller conveyor and a heavy-duty roller conveyor that runs via motor wire belts and shaft to increase its contribution.

Moreover, it has limited use in reverse that is low to high elevation. Also, it works in bi-directional applications.

The Types Of Roller Conveyors

  1. Heavy Duty conveyor rollers

    Heavy Duty conveyor rollers
    are also known as gravity roller conveyors. They are made up of a frame with free rotating rollers, employing gravity to move materials down a conveyor. Since they do not require a motor, they are cost-effective for designers.

    It is composed of steel, aluminium, and plastic. These come with popup stops and curves, hanging brackets with sliding rails, and more. They typically use a temporary conveyor as a supplement to skate wheel conveyors for heavy-duty applications and for amassing the loads. It doesn’t require any specialized scheduling.
  2. Belt driven roller

    With a motorized belt driving each roller, this conveyor type is different from heavy-duty conveyor rollers. It is the type that can control the motion of goods being delivered.   
  3. Line shaft roller conveyor

    These are powered by a rotating shaft, where each roller is welded to the power shaft.
  4. Chain-drive roller conveyor

    This type is like a belt conveyor, but instead of using a belt, they use a chain to power each roller.  They are distinct from the single-strand chain travel roller conveyor.
  5. Zero pressure roller conveyor

    Also popular as pressure glass accumulating conveyors, which include a high-tech control system that utilizes motors and sensors to re-energize the certain zero pressure zones of the track.

Which industries can take advantage of using Heavy Duty Conveyor Rollers?

Due to the simple design and affordable price heavy duty conveyor rollers can help industries in various ways, such as:

  • Automative
  • Aerospace
  • Farming
  • Computing
  • Bottling
  • Scanning
  • Printing
  • Packing
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Electronics
  • Food processing
  • Metal
  • Wood processing
  • Pharmaceuticals

The bottom line

Heavy-duty conveyor rollers simply suit every company’s needs. But you have to choose the perfect conveyor that provides the best benefits.

However, they also come in different varieties: gravity roller conveyors, skate wheel gravity conveyors, and Chute conveyors. If each type is best used for every industry because these are the popular methods for product accumulation. Also, due to the inexpensive status in simple design, maintenance of this product is relatively easy, so any company and industry can afford this and take huge benefit from it.

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