What is the role of seo in digital marketing?

SEO is search engine optimization i.e. optimize the website accoding to search engine. SEO is customizing the website according to certain rules so that site is automatically achievable by both the search engines and the users and helps in ranking the website at the top position. SEO is one of the important part of digital marketing that needs to be followed.

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To understand the role of seo in digital marketing first know about the 10 uses of seo in digital marketing.

1. To increase brand awareness- Some companies want to rank just for increasing brand awareness that is possible by increasing online presence so that the people should know about it.

2. Increasing sales and revenue – Their are many companies just like e-commerce website that wants to increase their sales and enhancing their revenue. The digital era that has to be come after 5 years, that time has come now because of COVID and lockdown. Due to decreasing customers in the offline market, even the small shops wants to bring their shops online for increasing sales.

3. Increasing website visits and sign ups – Their are companies which needs to increase their visits on their website and the corresponding sign ups which may be in turn may be required or used for email marketing and more.

4. Increasing visits at physical location – If a company sounds good at online in any respect, then the consumer will be definitely willing to visit at location of that particular company.

5. Increasing calls – If a company satisfies all the needs of a user then it will definitely get calls through enquire now or call now option.

6. Increasing authority/trust of company- If a company ranks at top, then it will have automatically added trust to that company.

7. Rank high on search engine – if the seo is done well. Then it will definitely be at the top position in the search engine.

8. Increase traffic – if a website is at high position then it will automatically free traffic to that website.

9. Beat competitors – Because it is at the higher position than its competitors, it will redirect all of its consumers to the website that is at top position. Thus the consumers move to that company.

10. Increasing visibility – As the top 3 positions are so important in the google search results. Then the 4-10 position. Then second and third page. As it is at top position and thus will rank for most possible keywords and thus satisfying needs of different users. Thus increasing visibility of website.

Now, we understand that today is the world of technology and in this digital era everyone wants to rank at top in search. So, this can be achieved through seo. Thus, SEO plays a key important role in digital marketing.

SEO is a long term process. To achieve the SEO or based on the speed of achieving the SEO the techniques are divided into two categories-

1. White hat techniques – These are the techniques that needs to be followed for doing seo and the rules for which are completely specified in the webmaster tool guidelines. If a company follows according to these techniques then search engine will never penalized a site.

2. Black hat techniques – These are the techniques that must not be used to achieve seo just like purchasing backlinks to get high domain authority. These techniques may speed up the seo but may be risky too.

Types of SEO –

1. On page seo techniques – On page seo techniques includes all details with in the page / post that must be followed to rank high on google search or any other search engine results. These techniques includes minimum and maximum keyword density, header settings, length of blog, font used in blog, image used, size of image i.e. complete image seo, video seo, keyword research i.e. choosing the appropriate keywords that really brings out the conversions. These on page seo techniques are must to be followed and plays a key important role in digital marketing.

2. Off page seo techniques – off page seo techniques includes all details outside the page / post. It has nothing to do with the content of the page / post. It rather deals first with indexing of page. It is the first step in off page SEO that has to be followed after publishing a post. Only indexed pages/ posts can have enhancements. Off page SEO also includes directory submission, social media sharing, social bookmarking, video marketing, guest posting, generate quality backlinks. These off page seo techniques plays a very important role in digital marketing.

3. Technical seo techniques – Technical seo techniques deals with the technical issues of website like page speed, site speed, mobile friendliness, SSL certificate, duplicate content issues, .XML file for sitemap, managing robots.txt, using AMP, registering site with webmaster tools like google search console, LCP, CLS and much more. These technical seo techniques are must to be followed and plays a very important role in digital marketing.

Summary – SEO is a very important tool of digital marketing, it is and essential that forms the basics to achieve success. It brings the site to number one position in the search results for any particular query that a user demands. Their by bringing so much organic traffic by increasing visibility of site.

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