Exclusive Guide: How Mobile App boosts brands & effective app marketing strategies?

We live in a digital age where traditional marketing techniques like spreading templates are a strong fail. If your business is missing its online presence and a dedicated application, you might not survive long in the market.

Businesses have to go with the trend, and the current trend is mirroring your physical business to your online app. Obviously, it is confusing because you might not know how the app marketing thing works.

Do not worry! This blog post will inform you about “how an app boosts branding process for businesses” and the strategies included in marketing the app itself.

Why do you need an app?

Why does your business need an app? According to recent studies, 50% of customers are likely to buy from an online app. Tech leaders like Japan, China, and South Korea have 62, 59, and 59 % app customers, and it is logical to follow the tech giant’s models where businesses focus more on an online app. Also, 90 % of a user on a smartphone buys through apps.

So, there is enough evidence to “why adopt a mobile app for your business?” But, let’s explore some key benefits of having an app in your business marketing and common mistakes businesses make in branding through the app.

How does an app boost your brand?

Apps provide a better lead on interactions with the brand and its customers. When businesses prepare a proper channel and invest time and resources in their apps, it ultimately increases brand loyalty in customers. Let us take a look at some pointers for the same.

1. Boosted awareness and visibility

When we tap on an app, the brand logo is the first thing we see on the screen. If users install your business app, it will increase your visibility, especially the brand’s logo on the welcome screen. It creates a long-lasting effect on their minds, transforming your log into a brand. Also, when your app is open to android and iOS platforms, you become available to more customers, increasing sales and turning your business into a brand.

2. Better method to share updates and deals

Apps are the quickest way to deliver an update directly to the user’s smartphone through push notifications providing the latest deals and news in the business. Apps can read user behavior through artificial intelligence and deliver personalized content according to their average behavior. Personalized notifications create an impact on the overall brand because users find them engaging.

3. Customer data to refine details as brands do

With the assisting tools like location, app usage, and open hours of customers, businesses can know more about user behavior. Strategies like offering basic surveys and bonuses to customers according to their behavior can alter their brand development strategies. User feedback on the app also suggests that businesses redesign websites, apps, and business models. When a business implements suggestions, it sits on the brand level.

4. Social media marketing through users

Imagine a “how-to” business where you teach your audience about specific assignments on various topics. From websites, a user must have access to a laptop or computer to copy the link, send it to their smartphone and share the content on their preferred social media app, which might be only on smartphones. Instead, if the business uses an app for the same, the users can directly share the product with their friends. App provides a better solution for sharing content with their network. When your content will float everywhere you will be recognized as a brand.

Common mistakes that limit brand boosting

“How does an app boost your brand?” prove that a business can boost their branding process. But, businesses must avoid common mistakes when they utilize apps for expanding their branding.

  1. Do not let your app fail in providing a solution to the users
  2. Keep regulating special offers through your app so that it increases the retention rate
  3. Have a solid personalized approach to learn user behavior and monitor it
  4. Keep your app simple so that it is easy to use
  5. Update your app regularly so that you can provide trending features to your audience

Strategies to implement for app marketing

When you are sure about having an app, the next topic of concern becomes how to market your app itself. We have a few universal strategies that businesses can follow to implement a better plan in marketing their app.

Market research for better reach

Pre-launching is not an easy task because it requires much planning. Conducting market research before actually releasing the app can help businesses understand the competitors. This process updates brands with the efforts of key players in the market. It is essential to implement unique ideas because they sell better than existing ideas in the market.

Promote your app with website

A website can act as a landing page for the website. But, it can also act as a promoter of the business app. Whenever landing on the page, the users can get app suggestions to get a better user experience. SEO provides a benefit to the website in marketing, and it can promote the app.

User experience

Market analysis provides an advantage since implementing user experience in the app is easier for the business. Planning and implementing a user-centric design influence the product buying decision of users. The UI/UX design of the app should be minimal, using illustrations that can act as navigation for the users through the app. A good design provides a plus point to the business and increases brand loyalty.

Logo app icon

Users are greeted with a brand logo on the app’s first screen. The logo should be responsive and engaging with fitting elements irrespective of the displays’ different sizes. Further, the app icon should also give meaning to your business. For example, the famous note-taking app Ever-note uses an elephant in its logo and app icon since elephants are known for better memory.

Determining a suitable release date

App markets like the apple app store are strict in-app releasing and take more time than android. Businesses can use launch event times and specific themes related to their industry to launch their app on the market. Planning when to release an app creates a positive impact on the market. Releasing it without a complete ecosystem will result in a negative response in its reach.

Social media promotion

Social media is a requirement for every business. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms will become vital where companies will have to register in the coming future. For better branding, businesses must allot a separate team for digital marketing. The app download number significantly increases once a business is vital in social networking.

Push notifications and feedback

Push notifications are the quickest way of delivering updates to users. With a proper AI study, businesses can understand when to deliver notification to the user to boost the business and overall branding.

App Optimization on market platforms

To drive more traffic to your app, you can follow a few promoting strategies on the app market platforms and increase your download numbers.

App store optimisation

It is also known as ASO, and it is an important concept to learn in mobile app ASO. With ASO, businesses can transform themselves into a brand through organic ranking by applying the methods on google play store and app store, and other app markets. Brands can optimize the keywords in the about app section with creative words, which can help them in generating more positive reviews. The features must describe features included in their app in the description. Further, they must use screenshots to showcase their high-quality app.

Google AC

Google app campaigns are owned by Google, where businesses can target a larger audience by featuring it in the play store.

Apple search ads

Also known as ASA, it is a paid app advertisement system provided by apple. Brands can start campaigns of advertisements for better app visibility and traffic. The business will be featured inside the app store by Apple directing users to their download page. Apple already made around $2 billion in 2020 just by ad revenues, so you can ensure the credibility of using this method.

Final Verdict

A business can ensure that an app can uplift its branding process. Since an app can market your businesses, first you have to inform yourself about “how to market your app?” With both the topics combined, the post powerfully delivers helpful marketing information for the businesses and general audience.

If you have decided that you need an app for your business and boost your branding process, you can consult robust app development agencies to flourish & sail your app idea and transform your business into a brand.

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