The Top 15 Vendors of Network Management Software

It can be challenging to choose the right network monitoring tool vendor or solution, as it requires extensive research into the features, flexibility, customer support, and industry-specific capabilities. The following list of network management software vendors is worth knowing to help you stay on top of the network monitoring industry.

The leading fifteen vendors of network infrastructure management software

  1. Accedian

Accedian Skylight is a unified enterprise network, cloud, and application performance management platform. Using the product, consumers can generate real-time performance data by tracking network flow, application transactions, and end users’ experiences. The OSI Layer 2 through Layer 7 network traffic can be analyzed in real-time with Skylight, regardless of whether they are in a physical or virtual environment (including the cloud). Both virtual and hardware-based appliances are available for Skylight deployment.

  • AppNeta

The AppNeta Performance Manager gives IT teams the ability to monitor an end user’s experience across their networks, cloud, and applications. This monitoring tool utilizes a four-dimensional approach to analyze usage and performance across networks and applications. Users can rely on AppNeta for a wide range of analytical insights through the use of its graphics and reporting tools. Additionally, the vendor offers monitoring solutions for VoIP, UCaaS, and DNS systems, as well as for cloud deployments.

  • Auvik

Auvik is a cloud-based networking management and monitoring software that makes monitoring easier – without the hassle. The Auvik network management system automates and simplifies the process of network management, enhancing efficiency and capacity, and protecting businesses against network risks. With Auvik TrafficInsights, you can easily identify who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going.

  • Broadcom

Network monitoring and analytics software DX NetOps by CA Technologies, a Broadcom company, integrates traditional systems monitoring based on traditional indicators with full-stack analysis. For traditional, software-defined, and cloud-based networks, the solution gathers intelligence on inventory, topology, metrics, faults, flow, and packet analysis. In addition to Broadcom’s AIOps platform, DX NetOps enables automatic remediation of network problems through the use of DX NetOps.

  • Catchpoint

Catchpoint Network Insights provides network engineers and operations teams with full visibility into the OSI stack from Layer 3 through Layer 7. Insights for Networks includes four primary capabilities: DNS monitoring, traceroute monitoring, BGP monitoring, and endpoint monitoring. This capability provides visibility into different components of an enterprise’s delivery chain, which enables proactive detection and remediation of problems that arise on different network layers, such as endpoints, enterprise LANs/WANs, DNS, CDNs, ISPs, and clouds.

  • Cisco

A Cisco Prime Performance Manager application provides actionable information from the entire network, including the core, aggregation, and access networks. The product provides access to reports featuring flexible options and detail searching through a web-based user interface. Furthermore, Cisco Prime enables network administrators to track all devices connected to their networks. If the network becomes congested, Prime notifies users and collects data on devices and connectivity on a schedule they specify.

  • Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s solution lets users monitor network performance, application performance, and digital experiences. A correlation between its network tools and app performance metrics enables it to deliver insight into the impact of network performance on end-user experience. Dynatrace offers visibility that lets IT teams quickly identify services and processes that are experiencing network connectivity issues. Businesses can plan for their network and server resources with Dynatrace analytics in addition to identifying bottlenecks.

  • Exoprise

Enterprise Monitoring offers cloud monitoring services in areas such as Office 365, Azure, Salesforce, and more. Exoprise CloudReady provides users with end-to-end visibility into networks and applications via real user monitoring and synthetic transaction monitoring. In Exoprise CloudReady, cloud and network administrators can quickly find and fix problems, manage changes, observe trends, and improve performance and operations for the entire business.

  • ExtraHop

ExtraHop Reveal(x) is a cloud-based network detection and response platform that gives organizations real-time insight into their network from the inside out. Through auto-discovery and auto-classification capabilities, ExtraHop allows IT teams to maintain a comprehensive view of their entire ecosystem. With Continuous and Real-Time End-User Monitoring, ExtraHop gives users the ability to mitigate performance issues immediately. It may be possible to speed up troubleshooting by applying empirical metrics across defendant systems as well.

  1. Flowmon

Flowmon provides network monitoring products based on flow. Its solutions offer IT teams a range of tools for network visibility and control, as well as cloud operations, security operations, and DDoS mitigation. As well as collecting, analyzing, and storing network information, Flowmon probes and collectors assist organizations. Connector and Probe modules can be extended and streamlined to provide network administrators with more advanced analysis of flow statistics.

  1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE’s network monitoring suite is made up of Aruba AirWave and HPE Intelligent Management Center. Wireless and wired networks can both be viewed by AirWave, which can detect mobile devices and applications in addition to traditional sensors. It provides clear, concise data about networks for IT teams while managing data centers and core networks. The platform includes tools that cover traffic analysis, remote network management, and intelligent reporting.

  1. Infovista

Infovista VistaInsight is a monitoring and assurance solution that allows users to see what is happening on their networks. Through NFV network management and capability monitoring, the product facilitates digital transformation initiatives. On Infovista’s scalable, open, cloud-ready platform, network and service performance is analyzed in real-time, and insights are provided to administrators. VXLAN and cloud-based applications are just a few of the features provided by InfoVista (including VistaInsight).

  1. Kentik

With Kentik, you can get complete visibility across your network with the help of its network monitoring and AIOps features. A NetFlow network monitoring solution is combined with tools for ingesting data such as VPC Flow Logs, business context, and application context. Kentik’s machine-learning-driven solution advises on network and security performance, troubleshooting, planning, and cost management. With Kentik, you can see where your traffic goes, regardless of where it originates or where it flows – across networks, applications, the Internet, and cloud services.

  1. LiveAction

LiveAction LiveNX provides network monitoring and configuration ease and analytics for network performance. An in-depth device, interface, and network flow views are provided by the LiveNX interface to give users a complete understanding of a network’s topology. By utilizing LiveNX, IT teams can view performance metrics and take appropriate action when issues arise. Users can analyze connectivity, detect network patterns, and view endpoints, by utilizing LiveNX’s User Experience, Insight, and Endpoint Agent features.

  1. LogicMonitor

In LogicMonitor, organizations can discover and monitor all network devices and interfaces using an agentless SaaS-based application. A user’s error rates, network use, and throughput are more transparent with alerts and interface metrics. Network data from all of the team’s equipment can be collected and analyzed by IT teams since it supports multiple technologies. Cloud and hybrid IT environments can also be managed with LogicMonitor, beyond switches, routers, and firewalls.

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