Experience an excellent Beas Kund trek (and the tours it offers) in the Himalayas

Beas Kund trek Beas Kund trek Hiking in the Himalayas of India (and the tours it offers) is very popular with tourists who wish to travel from Kashmir (Cashemire) to Kathmandu ( Kathmandu) traverse the country’s 2,500 km curve in search of exquisite scenery and experience. Lhasa to Ladakh. Wonderful forest canyons rise to the horizon of snow-covered glacier peaks, and scenes full of yaks and red pandas. Even if 40 million people call you a well-known home, they will find a series of socially active networks instead of tall pipeline areas. To investigate BeasKund, our fearless interview with blogger Bliss Mandhotra is probably the most common trip during a long weekend. Beas Kund trek the source of the waterway In the wild area of ​​Pir Panjal, Beas Kund is a great place for hiking. This is a travel goal that saw many tourists in late spring, because this is a very simple trip, and those without mountaineering experience can certainly complete the trip. However, the severity of the problem will not last all seasons, because the reduction in calories in the middle of the year provides a way for the emerging concept of the virus. Before that, I chose an alternative station and saw the wonder of this ice lake on the long street in May. This time is a long October. Manali is the famous city closest to the twin Kunde. Manali is one of the best ski resorts in India and is a year-round vacation destination. Hikers roam the trendy towns of major cities. On the road trip to Luotang Pass, they come across fresh mountain air and large snow patches, paragliding and uphill road boating, climbing, mountaineering and canyoning. And skiing.

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Manali invited me, the temperature is as low as -2 degrees Celsius. I experienced that night at Johnson Lodge, a hotel famous for unknown tourists. According to my arrangement, I want to check a few places in Manali, where I can find large and small outdoor hardware with the help of a guide or porter. Although it is an easy trip, I highly recommend that you support the tour guide because there is still a long way to go before the warm temperature of Shuangkunde. At night, the temperature dropped to about 10 degrees Celsius, and at the farthest point, only rugged mountains covered by snow could be seen. At such a high altitude, a little innocent carelessness can eventually become a cause for destruction. Kindly everyone knows that just two days before I showed up in Manali, there was a huge earthquake in North India. There are even more reasons to stay alert and be prepared!

Beas Kund trek Food

After a lavish breakfast at Johnson’s, I began looking for guides and tools that are important for endurance. Manali is an ideal retreat for some mountain dwellers in India, just as there are many travel and experience organizations in many different places in the world, and they provide the kind of help I am looking for. With a sense of anticipation and idealism, I walked down the street to the mall, the largest market in Manali. However, things did not develop as expected. All the experience organizations I visited recommended one or the other to cancel my excursion arrangements or postpone it for at least 7 days. I didn’t take the risk directly and just dropped my deal and quit, so I tried to speak my way. Although my conversation finally succeeded and the people in the organization gave in after all the obstructions, it was a bad thing. They can change it for my well-being, but they need me to solve costs that are several times higher than normal costs! As a college student, the money they were asking for was almost beyond the reach of my compass in terms of money, and I had to refuse to hire staff from an established organization.

Beas Kund trek Travel to the Himalayas

However, I cannot give up without any problems. Therefore, based on my previous visits, I realized that Manali is a small local place for the Sherpas of Nepal, who slow down their food to resist and provide climbing skills for extra money. Abusing my knowledge of the jargon around me, I discovered how to get to these people’s work. Instructing me personally to slow down, there are two or three men in their 30s who smoke marijuana (marijuana), a Medicine that is widely praised in this area. I raised my possibility in front of them. Surprisingly, they agreed to go with me to Beas Kund with great satisfaction. It was so easy. I just have to pay for nutrition for the entire time they are with me.

Attaining the starting point

The Beas Kund journey can start from two different areas, Solang Valley and Dhundi. It is possible to reach the Solang Valley from Manali (13.5 kilometers) in 30 minutes, and there is a means of transport to leave Manali at a specified time. So we got the fastest means of transportation early in the day and arrived in Solang early as expected. The Sherpa helped me discover moderate outdoor hardware in Solang. The later start stage, that is, Dhundi, is in fact the last section before the trip. Only approved vehicles can drive because it is a limited area and is prone to landslides. Those Sherpas are Samaritans and they helped me hitchhike to Dundee.

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