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If you are a travel enthusiast then you need to learn much and more about some tips which can help you while you are traveling. Because if you are traveling not for an entertainment it is you passion then you shall have never ending places in the world. And you cannot figure out the actual budget either you can set a limited budget for any travel destination it can varies accordingly. But you can do save or you can cut your costing on travelling when you follows the tips listed below. So once go through the tips shared below by myself that will really help when you will start exploring the world.

  1. Forget about gifts for social commitments traveling.

Good family and good true friends will understand. In addition to us it seems stupid to have to give material things, especially because we believe that the main gift is what you share with people my time. That is my case, although it may seem controversial to many people. Nobody put us but and rather they always helped us save more.

  1. You leave the vacation for later traveling.

For us this was the most difficult point in my whole process of entrepreneurship, since we were used to giving us express weekend escapes or each new holiday.

But if you really want to save to travel the world (and not a 15-day trip), then you must also sacrifice my passion for travel. I know it’s not easy to stay still, but my pocket will thank you and in the end it will be worth the sacrifice. In my case we were 1 year without traveling to be able to start together and now start my long-awaited adventure.

  1. Do not be exquisite with food

This has been the most difficult point for everyone, since I am very antojona and all the time I am thinking about going to eat. So it is very hard to avoid your foodie habits and only compromise with some self-cooked and home foods.  But in order to save we had to say goodbye to the cravings and cook my own food. Do you know that for almost a year we practically ate some boiled potato & tomatos? If you are working, it is very common to eat outside, but the food will always be cheaper if you cook it myself.

  1. Say goodbye to parties and outings with friends

This point has been one that cost us a lot and that almost none of my friends understood. When you goes in to the parties then you need some unique clothes, travel expenses yes some surprises for the person who is hosting the party because now a days it’s common then it will cost you more then you directly wish them on call video calls and request them to don’t mind if you not presenting physically their parties this will surely help in money saving.

Why had we disappeared?

And is that if you are like us and my friends love to go to the fashionable clubs or to eat out, then you will have to say goodbye for a while!.

We are aware that these are the few getaways from the reality that we have, but have you ever thought about how much each of these exits costs you?

Do the accounts of how much you could save by eliminating:

  • Coffee with friends
  • the departures of Fridays
  • Frater Thursdays
  • the beers on the weekends
  • Going to the cinema

If my dream is really big, you can leave these exits aside to take care of saving to travel around the world.

  1. Ask Your Friends, Family or Relatives Near By Your Destination

Are you paying rent? Or do you have any own house?

If your plan is to leave for a good time, you can ask your parents, friends or relatives to make some space on his or her space for few weeks & days, it may seem uncomfortable but it is a great option to help you save for my trip.

In my case, the last two months before leaving for a trip, we take turns home with parents. You can also choose a destination then let’s try to find some of your Known persons who can help in your stays. Either you can also rotate yourself by traveling with them on place to another place by using their vehicles.

  1. You can also threw out some unused things from your life

We return to the point of minimalism, but how important it is to have only the necessary things!

In my case we put almost everything for sale, we had a living in which we never sat, a dining room with 6 chairs that we did not occupy, two televisions for lack of one and so a lot of things. Take advantage of a weekend to clean my house and see what you do not use more than a year ago.

After organizing a sale in groups of Facebook and my social networks, we could sell everything in less than a week.  Do you have a car? Sell ​​it and use public transport, that’s what Yeyo did even though he had an absolute love for his jeep.

  1. Plan your trip with time

And the final point to save money to travel the world is to be flexible and plan my trip well in advance.

We know that sometimes we want to improvise and that’s fine, but always remember that while you buy my air tickets and even land with at least 3 months in advance you will save a good sum of money.

  1. Conclusions about saving money to travel around the world

Making a long trip or much better to make a trip without a return date is not impossible and not only can the millionaires or the one who won the lottery.

On the contrary, we can all travel the world as long as we plan well and choose to travel a little slower and without so many amenities.

If you plan well and take into account each of the tips and methods to save money listed in this article, we are sure that you will achieve your goal. Then plan a tour to travel the world with all famous countries of the world like Thailand, Singapore, Maldives, India and more.  This is also a part of your world tour.

But if you want to go even further and have the personalized help you need to overcome my mental, financial and information obstacles, you can see my traveling service where we will turn you into a 4 × 4 traveler ready to take my first trip around the world.

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