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India has excellent villa accommodation options across the country. With starters, which work nationwide, it is easy to find and book private villas from the comfort of your room. Here we share a list of the best holiday villas in India.

1. Sky Villa

Imagine sitting in a luxurious Sky Villa with low-rise windows, open vines and a pool as a view of all the rooms. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Sky Villa comes with all kinds of modern amenities, and you’ll even have a private assistant at your job all day. This is the best place to escape the busy and crowded city life.

Location: Savargaon Road, Nashik

2. MiCasa

Located in the beautiful Holiday houses of India at the mountain station of Lonavala, the villa comes with a swimming pool and is located just 2 km from Della Adventures Theme Park if you wish to go to one of the best bungee jumping destinations in India. At MiCasa, you can enjoy the sounds of a home theatre or just walk on the big lawn outside.

Places: There is a Village, Lonavala

3. Vineyard – By Redstone Villas

This simple house has a capacity of up to 16 members and can function well as a weekend getaway for anyone. By looking at the vines from the rooms and the cool breeze that blows all the time, you can be assured of a relaxing holiday here. It also has a swimming pool and an indoor fireplace, where you can enjoy yourself with your family, kids and friends!

Location: Near Sula Vineyards, Nashik

4. Sky High

If you wish to live a luxurious life, the SkyHigh villa is the perfect place to head out for a weekend getaway or vacation in Goa. Home to some of the cleanest beaches in India, Goa is an ideal place to visit. With about 6500 sq. ft. of the landscape, you have and the beautiful views of Cocoa Beach, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset here.

Location: Reis Magos, Candolim, Goa

5. Goa

But there are other holiday villas in Goa to make beautiful memory and spend some quality time, for that Goa designed by Gauri Khan; this villa is amazing from the start and is a masterpiece of design. You can enjoy some play in the home theatre, immerse yourself in the rooftop swimming pool or go to a comfortable Jacuzzi. If you wish to have a peaceful time, you can go and sit in the garden.

Location: siridao, Goa

6. Junoon Hills

Situated in a small area on the hills of Kumaon, this escape area has everything you need to relax and rediscover yourself. With the beauty of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains to provide you with the company and other luxurious amenities like a gym table and pool, your vacation here will not be a surprise. You can also hike the mountain trails around here for a little hiking!

Location: Almora, Uttarakhand

9. Indian Summer House

Located in the picturesque town south of Ernakulam in Kerala, the villa has 4 spacious bedrooms. You can enjoy the tranquillity of a quiet garden or have a nice outdoor rain shower. The villa also has a swimming pool and gym. If you wish to experience the effects of yoga and meditation, it is the best holiday villa in India.

Location: Ernakulam, Kerala

8. Veer Villa

The Holiday villas in India, Bhopal has 3 master bedrooms and has luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, a Jaquar spa and a bar. You can sit in a large lounge here with a comfortable 12-seater sofa and be entertained by the breeze and the drivers while you sit.

Location: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

10. Hermitage: Emerald Villa

Located at the mountain station of Kasauli, the villa combines natural beauty with human architectural ability. With luxurious features such as changing home plans, luxurious fabrics and a spacious garden, this is a great way to escape from city life. You do not have to worry about food anymore because they have a chef available to have it.

Location: Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

If you have never explored the luxury Holidays in India, it is time to visit one of these places and get a real Indian hospitality experience. Don’t forget to let us know all your reviews once you’ve settled into these amazing houses.

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