Four Reasons why you should keep up the habit of wearing a mask even after the pandemic is over?


Clearly, you already might have a general feeling and understanding towards wearing a mask. There is no part on earth that was not affected by the Covid-19, pushing even developed nations like ours, the United State of America into lockdown, public restriction, and mandatory habit of wearing a mask when going outside. If you are aware of envo mask coupon, then you already have an idea about how during the pandemic the sale of masks, hand sanitizers, and hand washes increased while the country’s scientists were racing against the different nations to develop a vaccination. Despite impacting different domains such as global socio-economic activities; it also has influenced the individual sphere in almost every country. Even when the medical officials of the country were constantly advising for taking precautions like wearing masks etc

How long do I have to wear a mask? Is a kind of question you might ask after the pandemic is over, given the downsides like discomfort and unnatural communication with your friends and peer members at the offices. Even when the medical officials of the country were constantly advising for taking precautions like wearing masks etc during the pandemic, our former President Trump downplayed the significance of masks and social distancing, leading to a large number of Covid cases. Thank God! We are able to come out of the past grave situation. Things now look promising, after the formulation of the vaccines. Nonetheless, you may never know what we might have to face in the future.

Well, I am going to point out four reasons that you need to consider, in order to continue following the habit of wearing masks in especially public places, even after the pandemic fades.



I can humbly desire that you should take these encouragements seriously since it is related to not just your individual’s health, rather is for the benefit of the larger society, so here, are some reasons that can really motivate you to wear a mask in public:

A healthy habit

First, you should not only take wearing a mask habit as something of a precautionary measure but also as a way of living a healthy life. It is scientifically proven that wearing a face mask will prevent the wearer from getting airborne microscopic organisms. Not just Covid but also there are other contagious diseases like cold, flu, etc, that can be the reasons for someone’s coughing and sneezing in both the public and private places. Through this, they can pollute the atmosphere around them with unseeable germs, bacteria, and viruses. On the contrary, wearing a face mask habit can easily help in preventing such infections, since it is medically proven that facemasks are a strong barrier in cross-contamination. Thus, people should really incorporate wearing mask habits in their daily routine even after the pandemic. Even, Dr. David Cutler from Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, has said, “It seems likely and sensible that many people will continue to wear masks after the immediate threat of COVID-19 has subsided”.

Life-saving hack for immunocompromised people

A logical yet moral reason to wear a mask after the Covid -19 ends, is that it will benefit people that are immunocompromised. Despite the pandemic, or even before the pandemic, many people had been and have been suffering and fighting from different diseases such as HIV and AIDs, which makes their immune system vulnerable. As a result of weak immunity, their bodies are unable to fight infections and diseases like cold, sinusitis, pneumonia, thrush, etc. Dr. Cutler has also pointed out, “The likelihood of mask-wearing will be greatest for the people who are most vulnerable, when the disease threat is greatest, and when circumstances make them more fearful”. So, let us make it part of social and moral ethics that we should wear masks in the public sphere especially in places like hospitals. Not only this act will save others from our unnoticed infections but also us from different germs and diseases that present in our atmosphere.

 Prevention from other respiratory diseases

 Instead of searching for the medical benefits of wearing the mask on the internet, we are all aware and can agree about the fact that surgical masks act as barriers, stopping tiny droplets of viruses present in the atmosphere from entering our nose or mouth. Since it aids in preventing the contamination of diseases like Covid-19, it surely can save us from other respiratory illnesses such as flu and influenza. According to UC San Francisco epidemiologist George Rutherford, MD, and an infectious disease specialist Peter Chin-Hong, MD, “a study of people who had influenza or the common cold found that wearing a surgical mask significantly reduced the amount of these respiratory viruses emitted in droplets and aerosols.” It is evident that with this little act of wearing a mask habit we can significantly reduce the burden and ratio of respiratory disease year after year.

Preparedness for future pandemics

 Another smart and visionary reason to adopt the habit of wearing a mask is to prepare for, God forbid, the future pandemic of any sort. Also, if we take the habit of covering our mouth with masks, handwashing, and taking good care of a safe and clean atmosphere, out of pandemic, then these habits are ideal practices for any person to perform. Jennifer Burgess, D.O., a family medicine physician from Henry Ford Health System says, “There is no risk to wearing a mask, but the reward is great.” Nevertheless, if we continue to adopt universal masking in public, use hand sanitizer, and maintain social distance when necessary, then we can be mentally and physically prepared for any restriction that comes with any future pandemic which, of course, God forbid.

The Bottom Line:

To sum up, people should really adopt these practices of not just wearing a mask but also maintaining clean personal and public hygiene and rise above from the rumors or illogical excuses like that wearing a mask prevents the body from building immunity to different illnesses. I like to conclude by quoting Neysa Ernst’s words., a nurse manager at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore that “You should wear a mask out of the sense of responsibility that you want to protect the society.”

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