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Contact forms allow customers and potential clients to contact you quickly and easily. Furthermore, they are capable of much more. A contact form page is a prerequisite for any website or your e-commerce portal, whether it is a company website, a portfolio, a personal blog, or an online store. There is no limit to what you can do with forms, from allowing members to register with your site to acting as a lead generation tool. As a result, your visitors or customers can contact you with questions, suggestions, feedback, or other issues.

Gravity Forms add onsare ideal for all categories of simple and complex forms, and you will find it incredibly handy, practical, and powerful.

Gravity Forms Add-Ons:

The Gravity Forms WordPress plugin includes several form fields categories out of the box, allowing you to build great WordPress forms. Simply drag and drop the data fields you want into the form builder and configure the existing options.

 The Gravity Forms package determines the availability of Gravity Forms addons. You can find multiple packages, starting from as low as $39 to $199. As a result, the included add-ons range varies from service to service. The gravity Forms community also creates and shares amazing addons.

You just cannot underrate the power of Gravity Forms Addons, let’s review the amazing benefits and features of Gravity Forms addons!

It Is Simple To Use:

Gravity Forms has a user-friendly interface that is simple to use. Just click the field type you want to place on your form, and it will appear right away! It doesn’t get any better than that!

You can personalize your data fields by renaming, rearranging, or assigning limit options, including checkbox, dropdown, or radio button.

Once the form is submitted, you can specify which notification email will be sent and where your user will be directed. You can direct your user to a new page or an external URL, or you can have a custom message appear on the page they landed.

It is simple to transfer submitted form data to a new page. Gravity Forms ensures that all of this occurs within the WordPress interface, and those form submissions are saved in the WordPress database.

Anti-Spam Honeypot Feature

Web forms are ideal targets and attract spammers, whether you like them or not. These are typically hackers attempting to gain access to your company’s IT infrastructure or steal valuable information from your visitors.

But there’s no need to worry about such things; simply use Captcha fields to detect and prevent spam. For the most part, this feature worked fairly well. Unfortunately, Captcha features also seem ugly and can be quite frustrating for visitors.

The Gravity-based Anti-Spam Honeypot feature addresses this issue by fixing the field to the form hidden from general view in JavaScript. Authentic users will not see the field, but spambots will instantly fill it out. Gravity Forms then mark the completed forms as spam, assisting in keeping spammers at bay.

Build Advanced Contact Forms with Conditional Logic

Gravity Forms incorporates dynamic pre-built fields to support visitors for requesting additional data without any complication, in addition to standard contact form fields such as the user’s name, email address, and text. This can help you communicate with users more professionally and effectively.

The plugin’s base version also includes features that allow you to create more lively forms. The Conditional Logic option is an excellent example. This allows you to specify custom parameters so that specific information and fields appear only when certain conditions are met.

Registration of Users

The User Registration is highly compatible if you want visitors to create new accounts on your blog or website. The plugin automatically registers visitors who submit the completed form. Furthermore, the Login Widget allows WordPress users to log in directly from your website’s sidebar rather than checkout on a login button and be directed to an individual registration page.

Integration With Third-Party Plugins

Gravity Forms has a number of Add-Ons that allow it to integrate with payment gateways, subscriber lists, CRMs, and communication tools. Even though you will need a Business ($99) or Developer ($199) license to use these add-ons, you will find them to be well worth the money.

DropBox, PayPal, and many other services are among the best third-party services that can be integrated. You can integrate your forms with third-party services that are not available with a freemium version; you must apply for a $39 Personal license that will suit you better.

Wrapping Up!

The extensibility of Gravity Forms is one of its most powerful features. Many fantastic add-ons are available in the gravity form community that allows you to customize your website in ways you never imagined!

Reviewing each one would be nearly impossible, so we recommend WPExperts to cater to your Gravity Forms needs and plenty of add-ons instead.

Whether you need sending data to Google Sheets, varying the styles of your forms, or empowering event tracking for form submissions, all of these issues will be answered by professionals and add more value to your Gravity Forms network.

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