Getting Married Soon? 7 Tips to Make Your Wedding Preparation Stress-Free

Are you newly engaged and already starting to get overwhelmed by wedding planning? Perhaps you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and are drowning in lace and confetti. Osprey Hotel are here to help. We have an experienced wedding and event coordinator to help you through any hiccups & our brand-new ballroom practically decorates itself, saving you the hassle. Here are our top tips for a stress-free wedding.


It’s hard to get truly stuck into planning when the wedding is over a year away but starting early means the work is spread over 12 months instead of concentrated into one. Make a wedding checklist & timeline – things you aim to have done 6 months, 3 months, 1-week, etc before your wedding – and stick to it. Lists help to organise your thoughts too so you won’t wake up after a dream about forgetting to order cufflinks!


Stress about money is one of the biggest issues for wedding couples. There is no need to throw a party that costs 10k over budget to impress friends and family. The most important thing is you will be married by the end of the day. Do some research into costs, plan your savings and book your wedding at a time that suits you instead of putting yourselves under pressure. Make sure your budget has a 5% contingency fund for unforeseen expenses, not to spend a little more than your budget allows on individual items. Try to stay within your means but remember a small loan is not out of the question if you just can’t make ends meet.


You don’t want to realise the day before your wedding that you’ve overcommitted and are now fatigued and look tired as a result. Schedule time for yourself including some relaxing treatments before the big day. A week before the wedding, go for a soothing, hydrating facial in Osprey Spa, avoiding any harsh treatments in case of an adverse reaction. Schedule a relaxing massage to make sure your body is in top condition for the best day of your life. Contact any of our experienced therapists to discuss a wedding prep spa day for you and your other half.


It’s very difficult to ask for help and sometimes harder to accept it when it’s offered. Don’t take it all on yourself – accept help from your other half, your friends and family and your wedding planner to make the preparations go a little easier. Give friends smaller jobs, allow people to do some research on your behalf and entrust favours or extra touches to your bridal party. Don’t forget to ask married couples for advice about what they would do differently; first-hand experience is priceless.


You may have a family with high expectations on one side and low maintenance on the other. Some people will expect more from your big day and others will say you went over the top. Remember, you cannot please everyone. Do what’s right for you and your partner, pleasing yourselves as much as possible. Pick your battles with friends and family, learning when it’s best to give in & when to stand your ground.


In order to have a stressless wedding day, you have to be able to trust your vendors. Book a wedding venue with excellent reviews, a proven record of happy couples, and experience catering to large and small weddings like our Kildare wedding venue, Osprey Hotel. Thoroughly research your other services too, photographer, florist, cake maker, musicians, etc, and make sure they are clear what you expect from them & that they have the running order prior to the big day.


No wedding is 100% perfect. Every wedding has something that didn’t go to plan, whether it’s a forgotten buttonhole or a chipped nail. There is not much you can do if something goes wrong at the last minute so just relax into it and enjoy your big day regardless. Our wedding coordinator is on hand to solve any last-minute problems you may encounter and ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible.

Author Bio: Katie McGarr is a resident writer for Osprey Hotel Kildare, a luxury four star hotel situated in the heart of vibrant Naas town, known for their expansive guest rooms and friendly service. This travel buff loves sharing her insights about travel, food, and lifestyle.

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