How can you buy Anavar UK and how is it beneficial for human body

Anavar is the brand name for oxandrolone and is an androgen anabolic steroid or AAS which is popular or famous in the field of bodybuilding. With a short dose cycle of six to eight weeks, people start seeing changes in muscle mass. This steroid is also common in patients who suffer from various bone diseases. This steroid is widely used by people to regain weight which is lost due to certain medical conditions like chronic infection, trauma or surgery. One of the primary uses of Anavar is to prevent loss of muscle mass caused as a result of aging. It is recommended to consult a doctor first prior to taking this steroid as it can interact with other medications such as warfarin. 

Why is Anavar beneficial for human body:

Anavar is one such steroid which has been really popular in the world of medicine as well as in sports due to the numerous benefits it provides with very little to no side effects. With its availability in both forms like injectables and tablets, it is prescribed by most of the doctors after a person has undergone a severe medical procedure. To kind of recover from the after effects of an operation or a surgery, anavar shots or dosage is administered in patients. Apart from that the ose of oxandrolone can result in many benefits. These include:

  1. Increased retention of nitrogen.
  2. Increased muscle function.
  3. Anavar is a perfect substitute for natural loss of estrogen and androgen hormones.
  4. Decreases total body fat.

Anavar UK:

Use of anabolic androgenic steroids is gaining popularity among males and females day by day due to a number of benefits obtained by use of such Medicine. Anavar is available to be sold in the UK without any hassle and has been considered a controlled substance. Anavar being an androgen falls in the category of Class C substances, therefore its possession is not considered to be illegal. But manufacturing or supplying it without a license in the UK is illegal and can lead to a maximum penalty of 14 years or a heavy fine. Anavar can be bought online from online pharmacies with a safe next day delivery option. It is advised to consult a doctor before using oxandrolone to avoid potential side effects. 

Side effects of oxandrolone:

It should be kept in mind that Anavar is authorized to be used only to cure certain medical conditions and there is a complete ban to use this steroid in the field of bodybuilding. However, it is taken in large quantities by bodybuilders who buy anavar UK illegally or through back-channell sources, which can be dangerous as bodybuilders suffer from strokes and cardiac arrests now more than ever. Overuse of Anavar can lead to various chronic medical conditions. Use of this steroid can result in menstrual irregularities. Also its usage is associated with nausea, acne, headaches and hair loss as well. Other side effects also include masculinization symptoms in women, breasts’ swelling etc. If such side effects persist longer or in some cases worsen, one should seek medical assistance immediately.

Who should avoid using Anavar:

While to buy Anavar oxandrolone UK and uses of anavar can result in a lot of benefits at the same time its use can be harmful for others. People who suffer from kidney diseases should completely avoid using this steroid. Also it should be avoided by pregnant women as its use can lead to certain birth defects. People suffering from hypercalcemia, prostate cancer and breast cancer should refrain from using oxandrolone. Moreover as this Medicine can be habit forming people with Medicine abuse history should try to avoid this steroid. 

Anavar cycle:

There are a large number of men and women cycling Anavar to get lean muscles and decrease body fat. Anavar can be used for cutting purposes by beginners without the addition of any other steroid like testosterone. First time users will experience no side effects by following the Anavar-only cycle. For beginners it is recommended to use this steroid for six weeks starting with a dose of 15 milligrams a day for three weeks and then increasing the dose to 20 milligrams a day for the next three weeks. This beginner’s cycle is mild and has no side effects. This cycle can even be extended to eight weeks. 

For women using this steroid it is advised to be cautious regarding the cycle length and dose to avoid masculinization issues and preventing other problems like clitoral enlargement etc. Anavar can also be stacked with testosterone to get maximum benefits. Using testosterone will lead to an increase in muscle strength and muscle mass without putting strain on the heart or stressing the liver. 

Legal Anavar alternatives:

A legal alternative to buy Anavar oxandrolone UK is manufactured by Crazy Bulk and is FDA approved known as Anvarol. This steroid mimics the same anabolic effects as of Anavar in the body. It improves strength and provides energy by stimulating phosphocreatine synthesis in muscle tissues. There are no side effects associated with the use of Anvarol. It can be ordered online without a prescription and is safe to use. One of the main benefits of Anvarol is that it is way less expensive than Anavar. Use of Anvarol leads to an increase in ATP production. This results in improving performance while working out. It is considered to be the best supplement for adding muscle mass. A person can experience fewer side effects or none. These can be headaches or nausea. Few people might also experience mild skin problems. Use of this steroid promises rapid results within 30 days by improving muscle hardness and density. 


One important thing to keep in mind while you look to buy anavar UK or any other androgenic anabolic steroid is to read the complete product description if you are opting for personal use without a doctor’s supervision. Otherwise this can affect your health and can have long-term implications.

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