How does the internet works by getting to understand the details of the data flowing through the internet?

The data center which can be thousands of miles away from you Stores the video which you want inside it.

How does this data reach your mobile phone or laptop? How does internet work?

How does internet work through satellite?

An easy way to achieve this goal would with use of satellites. From the data center, a signal could be sent to the satellite  through an antenna, and then from the satellite a signal could be sent to your mobile phone via another antenna near to you. However, this way of transmitting media is not a good idea. The question arises why?

The satellite is placed nearly 22,000 miles above the equator of earth. So, in order to achieve data transmission to be successful, the data would have to travel a total distance of 44,000 miles. Isn’t it surprising, such a long distance if travel that will definitely causes a significant delay in receiving the signal. More specifically it causes huge latency which is unacceptable for most intent applications.

How does internet work with optic fiber cables?

The complicated optic fiber cables connect your data center and your device. Your phone could be connected to the internet through cellular data or any Wi-Fi router, but ultimately at some point your phone will be connected to this network of optical fiber cables.

To understand the whole procedure of how does internet work?, let us know where the data is stored in data center?

The data is stored in a solid-state device with in the data center. This solid state device ( SSD) acts as the internal memory of a server. The server is simply a powerful computer whose job is to provide the video or data stored when you request it.

Every device that is connected to the internet whether it is sever or computer or a mobile phone is identified uniquely by a string of numbers known as IP address. In the internet, an IP address acts as a shipping address through which all information reaches its destination.

IP address is assigned by the internet service provider ISP. The server in the data center also has an individual IP address. The sever stores a website so you can access any website just by knowing the server’s IP address.

It is difficult for any person to remember so many IP addresses. So, to resolve this problem domain names are assigned which corresponds to IP address. – – – –

DNS server is used that provides IP address for a particular domain name. You enter the domain name, the browser sends request to the DNS server to get corresponding IP address. After getting IP address, your browser simply forwards the request to the data center more specifically to the respective server .

Once the server gets any request to access a particular website or data or video the data flow starts.

How the data flows in optical fiber cables?

The data is transferred in digital format via optical fiber cables, more specifically in the form of light pulses. These light pulses sometimes have to travel thousands of miles through the optical fiber cable to reach their destination point. During their journey they often have to travel through tough terrains or climates such as hilly areas or under the sea.

Their are few global companies who lay and maintain these optical cable networks. These optical fiber cables carries the light pulse that are streched accross the seabed or hilly areas to you doorstep where they are connected to a router. The router then converts these light waves ito electrical signals. The ethernet cable is then used to transmit the electrical signals to your laptop.

If you are using cellular data, then from the optical fiber cable the signal has to be sent to a cell tower and from the cell tower the signals reaches to cell phone in the form of electromagnetic waves.

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