How To Make Maximum Use of Your Clothes?

If you are someone who loves shopping you may find yourself purchasing a new top or t-shirt every month. While you should spend on yourself, do not simply throw out or stop wearing the clothes you already have if they are in good condition.

Different ways

Wearing your favourite top does not have to be a rare occasion. There are many ways you can wear the same outfit in different ways. For instance, you may wear a top with a black skirt and heels when heading for a night out with your friends.

That same top can be work again even during the day with the pair of jeans or even denim shorts and flip flops. Every item of clothing can be worn a different way that makes for an entire new look. A plain black dress can be dressed up with a colourful scarf and a belt and if you want to dress down that same black dress, it can be worn without the belt and the colourful scarf but with only a pair of earrings. 

Clearing out the cupboard

Before you shop for a new wardrobe, first clean out your cupboard as this will make you more aware of what you need and do not need. For example, after clearing out the cupboard you may find that you do not have enough shirts. Then you can start shopping for womens shirts. Cleaning out your cupboard allows for less clutter and it also aids in you making use of the clothes you have.

There may be many times where you do not wear a dress or shirt because you simply do not know that it is there. There could also be certain items which are in good condition and fit you well but which you do not like anymore. If this is the case then it is best to get rid of it as then you can make more room in your cupboard for the pieces which you will make use of.

Remove stains

If your favourite shirt is stained do not panic. This does not mean that you have to go out and shop for new clothes just yet. There are effective stain removers which can do the trick. If the stain is not too big and depending on wear the stain is, you could even tuck in your shirt to cover up the stain.  

Do the needful

You may find many clothes in your cupboard that you have not touched for months. This tends to happen if that particular item has a tear or a broken button. Therefore, get the clothes stitched and sewn as soon as possible before you forget that the piece of clothing even exits.

Washing and ironing 

Be very alert when you are washing your clothes especially the white pieces. By mixing colours and whites, is a good way to ruin a perfectly good white top or shirt. You should also be mindful when ironing because once you burn a piece of clothing and especially if it is a big burn, it coul

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