The Best Ways to Clean Solar Panels: Do You Know How to Do It Right?

The rise of solar energy is not just because it’s renewable. It’s also because it saves money. Installing a solar panel can be expensive, but in the long run you will save thousands of dollars on your electricity bills. Besides, you’re doing something good for the environment! However, you can’t just let them sit there feeling proud – you have to clean them every now and then. The good news is that it doesn’t take much effort to get these suckers to shine again. Here are some quick tips on how to make sure your panels are always shining bright.

Why you should clean solar panels

1) Dirty solar panels are a distraction. This is especially important if you have a home full of kids who may want to climb all over them. 2) Dirty solar panels have more glare than pristine ones. This can affect the work you’re trying to do. 3) Damaged solar panels have a higher risk of failure. Solar panels are designed to be used only once. If they get damaged beyond repair, you’ll need to buy a new one. 4) Solar panels collect dirt and dust, and that dust can start to work its way inside the panel and possibly disrupt the solar panel’s performance. This is called solar panel filtration and must be checked every so often. How you should clean solar panels to clean your solar panels, you need to understand a few things.

What tools are needed for cleaning

First and foremost, you will need some basic tools – a dust mask and a squeegee. Any type of water is fine. A hose is even better. If you’re unsure what you should be using, just get a small paint scraper from a hardware store. It’s usually about 50 cents. The ideal equipment for cleaning solar panels involves a small paint scraper and a shop vat or a pressure washer, if you have access to one. The shop vac can even be attached to the back of your car. Take a look at the machine Now, take a look at the panel in question. Make sure that it’s clean, and that there are no missing chips or scratches. Also check to see that any plastic has been replaced if it has been broken or anything has been damaged. You’ll need to pry the panels apart to get to them.

How to clean the panels?

Wipe with water This is actually the easiest method for cleaning solar panels. Use a small amount of water and a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt that you can get to. Keep in mind that these panels are almost impervious to water, so keep it as sterile as possible. As the particles of dust and dirt are really tiny, this method will not be able to reach every particle. Take a brush This is another method you can try. While it will probably be pretty messy, it will be able to get most of the particles of dirt off of your panels. Simply make sure you rinse the microfiber cloth thoroughly, and then use the brush to clean off any remaining dirt. Use a vacuum cleaner Using a vacuum cleaner is an effective way to clean solar panels.

How often to clean them

There is no magic number for how often to clean your solar panels. You can’t just scrub them with a brush, rake them, and then admire how awesome they look. After all, solar panels are susceptible to oxidation, and they need to be scraped off regularly to keep them looking as good as new. However, it’s recommended that the panels are washed on a regular basis. If you know for sure that they need a good cleaning, then you should be washing them every two to three weeks. How to clean your solar panels Make sure that your panels are kept clean because solar panels attract dust, grime, and pollen. This makes them corrode very quickly, which in turn leads to less power output.

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