Kuari Pass Trek A Perfect Detailed Guide


Kuari Pass Trek :

Kuari Pass Trek, one of the most loved trekking spots by many trekkers, is located in Uttarakhand. Kuari Pass Trek will offer a scenic tour to trekkers of all kinds. It is one of the easiest spots for trekking and Kuari Pass Trek will offer you a beautiful view of the two most famous mountain peaks: one being Mount Nandadevi and another, Mount Dronagiri. But you can have a glance at Mount Nandadevi from Joshimath; the starting point of the Kuari Pass trek. After all, Mount Nandadevi cannot be located easily from other mountain summits but from Kuari Pass you can have a clearer view of Mount Nandadevi. You will be offered a clearer view of Mount Dronagiri as well that stays side by side with Mount Nandagiri.


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Filled with immense pleasure and beauty

at Kuari Pass, it becomes a hotspot for many trekkers flocking here, especially; in the winters. Moreover, Kuari Pass is a winter trekking spot as well. The forests of Kuari Pass Trek are extremely glorious and will absorb anybody visiting it. These forests contain a large number of oak trees along with other mountain region trees. You will find the oak forests in the region where the mountain discontinues to be a steep and sloping one; so, without any hassle, you will be crossing the oak tree forests. And not only that, when white snow lands on the leaves and branches of the oak trees it doubles up the glory of the place and it is one of the most unusual things to notice as well. Gorson Bugyal will mesmerize you with its beauty as you step at Gorson Bugyal you will be dazzled by the two great summits; Nandadevi mountain and Dronagiri mountain on either side with the convergence of lush green meadows in the middle and this provides one of the best panoramic views of the place with their bewitching powers. The meadow-ridge of Chitrakantha which is located at a height of 12000 feet will be enchanting you in no time. You can see the wonderful Mount Nandadevi, as you trek at Chitrakantha. And the meadows of Kuari Pass never stop amazing you whenever you are visiting. For, if you are visiting Kuari Pass in the summers and monsoons; the meadows bursts in vast vibrant greenery, and if you are trekking in the autumns then the golden hue of the meadows will sure to amaze you with all its affiliates and the winters will prepare a blanket of white snow covering the grasslands that will amaze you on your visit. 


The Kuari Pass Trek is also known as the “Lord Curzon Trail” because this trek was discovered by Lord Curzon in 1905. Kuari Pass Trek consists of a large number of flora apart from oak trees are the rhododendrons growing on the mountain trails, the conifers, the birch trees all combined in one gives an aura of blissfulness to Kuari Pass Trek. Not only is the Kuari Pass Trek a zone for various species of flora but also it is a spot for various kinds of fauna like the migratory birds, the Himalayan black bears, the leopards, deer and many more animals residing at Kuari Pass Trek. Not only Nandadevi and Dronagiri peaks are visible from Kuari Pass but also the summits of other peaks as well, especially; Trishul, Neelkanth, Kedarnath Dham, Badrinath Dham, Gauri Parvat, Hathi Parvat, Changabang, Rishikot and the granite head of Kamet from Kuari Pass trek summit. Kuari Pass trek is such an easy trekking spot where beginners can also trek at ease without too many hurdles on the way. 


Your Kuari Pass trek will be starting from Tapovan which is a small village near Joshimath in the Garhwal region and it is also located at the Nanda Devi National Park. Kuari Pass Trek is a four days journey for trekkers of every kind. The pristine snow-clad lakes of Kuari Pass Trek are also one of the reasons why trekkers are enchanted. Do not miss Auli after all Auli is such a place where you can partake in snow skiing. You can also set up a tent for camping amidst the lofty mountains of the Himalayan ranges and the surrounding wild woods. 

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