MBBS in Russia vs MBBS in Ukraine: Determining the True Best

Whenever the discussion for MBBS abroad arises, there are 2 big names that come into everyone’s minds. While MBBS in Russia has had a legacy of being a prestigious name in medical education, MBBS in Ukraine has also been recognized since the Soviet days and after it. 

Therefore, this post compares both these prospects on several criteria. These criteria are some of the most important considerations that parents and students alike, consider while choosing a university for MBBS abroad. The purpose of this is to help the medical aspirants make a well-informed choice regarding the future of their education.


International students are heartily welcomed in both nations. Being ex-Soviet states, they have a positive relationship with India, and therefore, Indian students will feel at home. Universities of both nations do not compromise on quality as far as academics and education are concerned.

  • Universities offering MBBS in Russia adopt the English language medium of teaching and so do the ones offering MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Equal emphasis is given on practical as well as theoretical education in both countries.
  • A huge chunk of graduates from both nations come to India to give the FMGE exam. Up to 40% of the students who have pursued MBBS in Russia clear the FMGE, whereas 66-67% of MBBS in Ukraine students do so.
  • Students who want to come study in universities of both nations do not need to pass any proficiency exams like IELTS/TOEFL.
  • Another major quality shared by both nations is the low teacher-student ratio, which makes the in-class learning a less chaotic affair and ensures adequate attention being given by the teacher to the performances of all students.


Whether it’s MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Ukraine, students can trust these universities for some of the best facilities.

  • Both Russian and Ukrainian universities offer messes with hostels, which specialize in authentic Indian cuisine.
  • Students can find well-furnished accommodations, whether they study in Russia or Ukraine.
  • From spacious rooms to common playing, reading, and isolation (for the sick) areas, the universities of both nations take special care in ensuring that the students have a good time in their “home away from home”.
  • One major difference that makes many prefer MBBS in Ukraine over the prospect of MBBS in Russia is the fact that the latter mostly includes combines hostels for both boys and girls. The former, on the other hand, has separate accommodations for boys and girls. Thus, those looking for more personal space will have a better time in Ukraine.

Overall, students studying in Ukraine can be as sure of decent accommodation as students studying in Russia.


This becomes a very important point when comparing educational prospects as universities only tend to get worldwide recognition if they maintain the quality of academics, accommodation, as well as other amenities.

  • This is a point where the prospect of MBBS in Russia has a certain advantage over MBBS in Ukraine.
  • The primary reason is that out of the top 100 universities worldwide, Russian universities take up around 30 spots, while Ukrainian ones hardly feature a couple or more.
  • Additionally, the number of Indian students pursuing MBBS in Russia is more than 24,000 approximately, while those pursuing MBBS in Ukraine stand somewhere between 18,000-20,000 approximately.


A country and its universities can offer some of the best quality education and stay; they can be the most prestigious and recognized institutions in the world. However, at the end of the day, the major factor that ensures or rather cements admissions to a university is its affordability. Parents and students alike, are on the lookout for institutions that provide the best cost and quality.

  • In this respect, at least according to me, MBBS in Russia is a safer option if we look at the average.
  • It’s true that universities in Ukraine are more affordable than certain Russian universities like the First Moscow State Medical University and People Friendship University. However, it’s equally true that on average, Russian universities cost somewhere between 15-25 Lakh INR while those offering MBBS in Ukraine can on average go more than 25 Lakh INR.

Looking at the bigger picture, it won’t be wrong to say that both prospects are evenly matched. To nitpick a few points, it can be said that pursuing MBBS in Ukraine is a much safer option when looking at the odds to pass the FMGE as well as for girls to feel safer and less awkward. 

However, MBBS in Russia is the better option if one gives importance to aspects like status, prestige, ranking. Furthermore, the affordability of Russian universities also makes this a better option than their Ukrainian counterparts.

When it comes to quality and the recognition of the MBBS degree though, students can trust both prospects/options to practice anywhere in the world and be successful medical professionals.

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