When students take admission to any renowned university in Ireland they are given various assignments in their academic life. Students are supposed that write the perfect assignment by all means. Students often use the internet in researching content for the assignment topic and commit the mistakes of using the copyright content directly.

Many students are not aware of using the content in their assignments properly. The three components Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Quotingare used for providing credibility to the writing. It demonstrates the particular sentence, passage, or phrase with the quoting and increases the in-depth study of the research work.

Students need to use these three components in their academic writing to make it effective. If they are not able to use these components and draft their assignment perfectly can take Online Assignment Help from professional writers. 

In this blog, we will explain the importance of using Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Quoting in academic papers or assignments.


Quotations are an excellent way to use other work in your assignment. It is used for a narrow segment of the source which must be identical to the original text. The quotation must be written using original words by giving the credit to the real author.


Paraphrasing is writing the other papers into your own words. The credit must be given to the author in paraphrasing. Generally, the paraphrased content is shorter than the original content and it depends on the paraphraser. It focuses on the basic purpose of the topic and contains in-depth detail of the topic.


Summarizing is the main idea that is written into own words using some main points. It is also shorter than the original content but explain the broad view of the topic. 

Why use Quotation, Paraphrasing, and summary?

According to the experts of the online assignment help, students use the information of any source in their assignment due to the time crunch or unawareness. But, using these components in their assignment is essential to add credibility.

  • You can make your writing effective by giving support to your arguments.
  • You need to refer to the previous work that you lead up currently.  
  • Use examples on a certain point to explain your views.
  • You can attract the reader’s attention by giving an explanation on the points on which you agree or disagree.
  • Using the quotations in original sources you may emphasize particular phrases and sentences. 

How to use Quotation, Paraphrasing, and summary?

It is not necessary to know about these components but to understand using these terms is essential to make the worth of your assignment. As per the experts of the online assignment help services, you need to read the whole passage thoroughly and jot down the key points. Then start to write into own words about the ideas of the topic. Use the supporting points in your essay or assignment to make the assignment more effective.

The quoting helps you in sharing the words and phrases of the original sources which depend upon the understanding of the students and interpreting of the text. Many students aren’t able to use these components effectively in their assignments they can take help from the experts of online assignment help services. The experts are experienced in this field of writing so they can provide the assignments using these components effectively.


Paraphrasing, Summarizing and Quoting help in avoiding the issue of plagiarism and enhancing the quality of the assignment. Students who are not comfortable using these in their assignments need to start work on writing according to given instructions to make their work unique. They can also take assignment help from the experts.

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