Protean And Lasting Lap Siding

It is a fact that siding comes in a wide range of materials and styles, each having its pros and cons. There are many types of siding for one to choose from Decor Write for us

It is known that Masonite siding made up of pressboard material is very inexpensive and a popular choice for siding.

Over the years, people want to provide an exquisite look to their house’s exterior. So, it is necessary to know all the types of sidings being used.

Lap Siding about which we are going to discuss, is considered the most popular siding in America. This siding with high standards highlights the home exterior with a good look.

Lap siding acts as a reliable protective fence between one’s home and the weather. 

Lap siding comprises longboards overlapping each other, with its term referring to most horizontal siding installations.

Lap siding is captivating and popular. It’s easy to pair it with other siding types to create a stylish look for the house’s exterior and was initially made of wood. It is now accessible in fibre cement, vinyl, engineered wood.

Clapboard Siding:

With each shape like a wedge, wide at the bottom and thinner at the top, Clapboard is a horizontal siding. This shape enables us to make an even profile. This type of siding gained popularity in and around England but can be found in other areas also.

Dutch Lap Siding:

In this type of siding, the pieces are slightly concave, creating a deeper reveal and shadow than clapboard siding. It is also referred to as horizontal lap siding and was very inexpensive to install. So, it gained immense popularity and became people’s choice.

Beaded Lap Siding:

This particular siding inspired by coastal communities is much less recurrent than other types and can create a more decorative and captivating appearance. With a thicker bottom edge to it, cited as “bead” at the bottom, it furnishes a more dynamic shadow where the top course overlaps the bottom.

Shiplap Siding:

In this siding, the tapered edge of the above course will fit underneath the wider bottom edge of the next course. It will appear so tightly that the siding is almost flat, with no shadow cast and very little reveal. It is considered as the peculiar installation method for siding that overlaps at the top.

Traditional Lap Siding:

With an invisible shadow or reveal, this method of siding has the top, narrow end of the siding tucked under the wider bottom of the next course. A traditional lap is mostly what people can find on their home if they’re not after a specific style or different installation such as the types mentioned earlier of sidings. There is no shadow as much as one can see on a Dutch lap.

What materials are Lap siding made of?

They exist in various kinds of materials. Traditionally it was made of wood, but with people searching for materials with lower maintenance cost and higher durability, various other materials were used.

With wood lap siding being susceptible to rot and fungus, and insects, the paint must reappear every few years to aid the wood siding to maintain its appearance.

Considering vinyl siding as a lower maintenance alternative to wood, it is also used in lap siding.

Due to some drawbacks like cracks in the vinyl when walloped or when the material is exposed to cold, it becomes less durable. It cannot be installed in a type of pattern.

Fibre cement has become a solution to these issues as it is more lasting than vinyl or wood. It has resistance to flame, moisture, and insects as well. Fibre cement lap siding can be customized.

With a wide range of hues and soffits, one can complete the exterior of one home in an elegant style.

Advantages of Lap Siding:

  1. It is uncomplicated to repair lap siding as one can remove the damaged plank if damage occurs.
  2. It as appealing as Masonite siding and has high durability because of the fibre cement lap siding, low maintenance and is used to spotlight the home’s most delicate exterior design features.
  3. Relief from the fuss of pest infestation as they’re pest resistant. One can blend lap siding with other materials and can savour the sense of style.


Lap siding can boost the home’s appeal and be a perfect siding option as one can customize even the colour options with pretty tints from the palette.

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