This is a blog about the safety precautions that you can take before starting your exercise schedule and this has been brought to you by fitness enthusiasts like us. We care about your physical fitness and safety and that is why these simple steps can help you prevent a major injury if you follow these steps then you will be in the habit of good safety that will help you in times of emergency. 

  • WEAR MEDICAL ID – Wearing a medical id is of the utmost importance while going for a jog or exercise because when a medical emergency arises, the person’s medical information can be the difference between life and death. As we are seeing a surprising increase in heart-related diseases in the youth and middle-aged people, carrying a medical id should not only be the norm while going out for exercise but people should carry them every time they get out because medical emergencies can occur anytime and without warning. A medical ID can contain all your health record information, as well as your medication information along with the usual stuff like your blood type etc.
  • CARRY GLUCOSE TABLETS – Like high blood sugar, low blood sugar is also common. While high blood sugar is usually treated with complex medications like insulin etc, low blood sugar is much simpler to treat, it simply takes a dose of glucose such as glucose tablets, or you can even carry hard-boiled candy or even a small bottle of soft drink as they have a high concentrate of sugar. Hypoglycemia is more common than you think and can occur if you take insulin or even other medication. So, carrying some glucose tablets is quite wise, especially when you are planning to start your exercise. 
  • CARRY GLUCOSE METER AND OXIMETER – While you can carry both in a small bag pack, a glucose meter is usually bigger than an oximeter. If you suffer from high blood sugar then carrying a glucose meter would be a step for safety. On the other hand, everybody should carry an Oximeter, this is especially important because there is a pandemic raging around and an oximeter is perhaps the best tool to find out if you are lacking oxygen.  
  • WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING – This is one of the most important as well as the most simple health and safety precaution tips to follow before doing an exercise,  comfortable clothing not only help you get better mobility while exercising and prevent injury as a result of that but comfortable clothing will also allow your body to perspire properly and by that we mean secrete sweat better because sweat is an excellent form of coolant that your body produces naturally so comfortable clothing will ensure that your body’s cooling cycle is proper. 
  • CARRY PLENTY OF FLUIDS – Fluids are essential for your body and fluids to help in every function of the body such as digestion, metabolism as well as maintaining the regular temperature of your body. You can carry any kind of fluid that you are comfortable drinking and we suggest that you do not carry anything that is too high in flavouring and has artificial sweetness.  You can opt for simple water as well as a simple glucose solution that will help you stay hydrated and also keep your nutrients and reach your body.

 These were a few safety precautions to take if you are into fitness or know someone who is.  These safety precautions must be taken before you start your exercise schedule and can help you prevent major accidents and major injuries. For more information about fitness and fitness safety, you can enroll in any online fitness training program. For more such blogs, do Follow us here. 

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