Sammy EHR & Why It Could Be the Perfect EHR for You

Choosing the best health recording technology for your practice can be a stressful experience. You’ll have to conduct extensive research to compare and analyze several providers in order to determine which one best meets your specific needs. This post has been put together to assist you in developing a clear picture of one of the best EHR suppliers – Sammy EHR. With that said, let’s first look at Sammy EHR’s feature offering, and if you find everything you’re looking for, we’ll glance over reviews and pricing. 

Sammy EHR, an Overview

Sammy EHR is a cloud-based EHR and assists institutions in managing patient data and billing. This Meaningful Use and HIPAA-compliant solution is accessible through the internet at any time and from any location. In addition, Sammy EHR offers a Practice Management system, allowing you to automate administrative and clinical activities. Claim submissions, payment posting, a patient portal, e-prescribing, and other features are highlights. It is aimed at small to medium-sized healthcare institutions and claims to improve the financial, clinical, and organizational processes.

Furthermore, the clinical component enables doctors to conveniently collect medical information, preserve pictures, and reconcile previous diagnoses and medications. Providers may easily import x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, photographs, and other images into individual patient charts. You can track who is entering, removing, or editing data in your EHR software through an audit trail function integrated into the system.

Prominent Features of Sammy EHR

It’s not fair to say that the following features are the best aspects of Sammy EHR. Different features will be attractive and practical to various individuals and practices. With that said, here are a few that help Sammy EHR stand out from the crowd. 


E-prescribing isn’t the most flashy trick to have up your sleeve, but the convenience, safety, and quality it provides to both physicians and patients cannot be emphasized enough. 

Electronic prescriptions are essential for both patients and physicians. It gives users the ability to prescribe medication to their patients digitally. Healthcare professionals can issue prescriptions or authorize

  • Medicine
  • requests remotely. These medications could be delivered straight to the patient’s selected pharmacy.

    This implies that consumers can pick up their medications from the pharmacy without first visiting their provider’s office. Not only that, but they can also be notified of any

  • Medicine
  • Medicine
  • or
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  • -allergy interactions. 

    Dashboard Sammy EHR

    Sammy EHR’s dashboard is a must-have for your practice since it gives a complete overview of all your tasks. Thus, giving you the ability to quickly log in and examine all of the patient data and essential healthcare information.

    Furthermore, the dashboard enables you to attach photos and reports to patient records, which you may then view and fax to anybody. 

    Patient Portal Sammy EHR

    Another essential feature of Sammy EHR is the patient portal, a must-have in today’s day and age. It enables patients and clinicians to communicate more effectively. Patients can use this site to log in and view their appointments and medical records. Furthermore, patients can obtain medication refills, check lab results, and view reports.

    Patients may also use this option to book appointments at their leisure by selecting the best day and time for them. Scheduling appointments ahead of time dramatically lowers the likelihood of late arrivals or no-shows. Aside from that, it ensures that your patient engagement numbers rise at a steady rate.

    Claims Management Sammy EHR

    While uploading your data, this EHR platform assists you in identifying issues and claims. In other words, Sammy’s claims management function allows you to eliminate problems that may emerge while inputting data. As a result, the number of rejected claims will decrease significantly.

    In addition, there are automatic eligibility checks that determine whether your patients are eligible for insurance. Overall, it saves you time and effort when dealing with denied claims.


    Sammy EHR’s clinical documentation feature is one of its main selling points. It facilitates the creation of clinical notes by healthcare practitioners. You may also use the automatic input tool to avoid rereading older material and combine previous notes with a single click.

    It also features a speech recognition function to assist you in converting your spoken thoughts into direct notes. Overall, this helpful tool allows you to spend more time giving the best patient care possible rather than typing out notes. This will also result in a drastic decrease in mistakes.

    Sammy EHR Reviews

    Let’s look at what users have to say about Sammy EHR. Perhaps, their experiences can help set your expectations, and they will surely let you know whether it’s the EHR for you. 

    “Not a Practical choice!”


    “This program has helped us with management and patient facilitation.”


    “Not suitable for multiple users at the same time. Their customer support is also unresponsive at times which makes it hard to operate it.”

    -Jinny, Alvarez Community Hospital 

    “Affordable but comes at a price.”


    “It’s cheaper than most systems out there, but it definitely lacks many features that make a system suitable.”


    “The program becomes unresponsive at times. The customer support is bad, and we wish it had a simple billing feature so we could increase the efficiency of our workflow.”

    -Megan, Carnought Dialysis Center

    “Your Office Best friend!”


    “You can save a lot of time by using the autofill option to enter all similar patient details at the same time. In addition, I like how the system is pretty straightforward, and it’s easy to operate it even for beginners.”


    “The guidelines provided are inadequate.”

    -Josh, Campbell Medical Center

    Pricing and Demos

    Pricing starts at 349 dollars per month, and since its cloud-based setup is minimal. Sammy EHR demo are available on the internet, and in-depth are demos are provided once you start the setup procedure. 

    Final Verdict about Sammy

    Well then, should you go right ahead and get Sammy EHR, should you shortlist it, should you shortlist it, or should you run far away from it? The short answer would be to shortlist it. Despite the mixed reviews, Sammy EHR is a powerful EHR solution with all the bells and whistles that a modern EHR needs.

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