Satiate Your Soul with These 7 Best Train Trips in Canada

When it comes to discovering Canada, a train journey is apt to witness the beauty of the national parks, Canadian snow towns and Canadian Rockies. You can go on an overnight journey or take an all-day rail tour in the deep spots of the country which are inaccessible by other modes of transportation. The windows of the trains will give you a luxurious and beautiful view of nature like no other transport medium. Before we begin, we want you to know that we make content on technology, education, exercise, beauty, home décor, current events, etc. to keep you updated through the GotoAssignmentHelp site. We also make assignments, essays, and homework for students who find it difficult to manage time and you can visit our platform Thesis help to get help through the best experts.

We have given a list of 7 best train trips in Canada.

  •       The Canadian Rockies: The train trip starts from Vancouver, Canada on Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 7:00pm CST and on Saturday from 9:00am – 4:00 pm CST. This train trip will make you see the wonderful Rocky Mountains and the different beautiful national parks. The journey is for a week and in the first two days you will see the city or Vancouver and then the train climbs up the Rocky Mountains. You will see the beautiful forests, rivers and canyons which will take another 2 days of daylight travel. From Lake Louise, the journey goes through the lofty mountains and goes to the town of Banff where you can enjoy outdoor activities and attractions like hot springs and ultimately the tour ends at Calgary.
  •       Great Pacific Northwest: The urban culture at Seattle is an attraction for many visitors traveling by train and then you see the natural beauty of Portland where you will see Mt. Hood National Forest. The next stop will be Washington state where you can visit Mount St. Helens. After Washington, you can experience the beauty of two more British Columbian cities and the tour ends in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver.
  •       From Montreal to More: It is a 11-day train trip which begins from New England. You can experience the colors and aroma of Eastern Canada through the rail excursion and you can enjoy the history of Boston. You can enjoy the scenic excursions of New Hampshire on the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad. You also get Quebec and Montreal city tours, Montmorency Falls, Acadia national Park excursion and lots more.
  •       Calgary View: The train journey starts in Seattle where you board on Amtrak’s Empire Builder for an amazing view of Montana’s Glacier National Park and some of the most iconic towns like Calgary, Banff and Jasper and see the buildings and creations. This rail excursion takes you through Lake Louise and the Banff National Park where you witness the beautiful waterfalls, glaciers and icefields.
  •       Breathtaking Banff Drive: The tour begins in Vancouver and you can explore the beautiful city until the second day when the train starts moving through the Rocky Mountains to head towards Kamloops. The amazing scenery of the dramatic waters of Hell’s gate to the mountain peaks will leave you awestruck. The journey continues across lakeshores, tunnels, mountain passes, and ranch lands before reaching Banff. You can drive to Yoho National Park the next day from Banff or to Lake Louise. You can even enjoy an evening at the railheads of Kananaskis country before the tour ends.
  •       The 5 Canadian Provinces: The train starts from the east of Vancouver and this is to experience the beauty of Canada during winter. The rates are lower during winter and trains are less crowded. This tour takes you through the interior of the five provinces of Canada. Take the view of the Rockies before reaching Toronto.
  •       Winter Magical Train: Banff is a place which is beautiful and this three-night tour will let you take the view of it. You can see the national park there and go for an ice walk in Johnston Canyon or take a sleigh ride to see the shimmering snow. You will come to know about the formation of this place and explore the Canadian Rockies and then head to Jasper National Park where you will enjoy the natural beauty of the place. The tour ends at the city of Vancouver.

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