The Difference Between Home-made and Store-bought Cockroach Gel Killers

You might have heard about advion cockroach gel UAE, one of the most highly demanded products to exterminate roaches. You might also know many people prefer homemade non-toxic cockroach killers for safe pest control. Here is the demonstration of the trending BORIC ACID as the No.1 roach killing home ingredient. Moreover, its comparison with the popular ADVION GEL on the market. On this page, you’ll get answers to your queries about when, why, how, and which roach killer you must buy.

When to Buy a Cockroach Killer?

You surely need a cockroach killer if you daily encounter one or two of them in your kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, if your family comprises small babies, old-age people, and pets, you must take care of their health. It is because cockroaches are a source of various bacterial, viral, and fungal infections and allergies too. After thorough cleaning of your home, if you still find these filthy creatures, get a cockroach killer.

Boric Acid:

Boric acid, also known as hydrogen borate, is a popular cleaning agent used in homes to remove stubborn stains. It is available in the market at quite an affordable price. Since it’s an acid it works to digest the wax and proteins of roaches’ exoskeleton. Consequently, this dehydrates their bodies to death. Nevertheless, it is important for a roach to ingest it as it is a stomach poison. You can use some sugar or food crumbs mixed with the boric acid to function as a killing bait.

Available Dosage Form:

Boric acid is not only available in the powder form but also comes in gels and pastes. Thus, it helps you to apply in both dry and wet places. Powder forms are though the easiest to dust that also stick to the hairy legs of roaches. As a result, this stomach poison spreads to their nests and colonies destroying them at an exponential rate. In addition, the gels and pastes are better when you have to fill nooks and crevices. Also, when you want to set the bait around and in sewage pipes, drainage holes, and in bathrooms.


Boric acid is best used when you find a few cockroaches crawling in the bathrooms and lawns of your home. It gives positive results in weeks with consistent use. However, boric acid is not the ultimate solution to the

Advion Cockroach Gel:

Advion cockroach gel carrefour is the best example of the market bought cockroach killer. It is easily available on reliable online stores like Pest Control Shop. This legitimate webstore offers original advion gel killers at quite reasonable prices. You can easily grab the one from here. Advion cockroach killer gel UAE works by blocking the channels in the nervous system of cockroaches. Resultantly, paralysing and killing them.

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Formulation and Dosage Form:

Advion cockroach killer gel UAE contains indoxacarb as the active principle. When exposed or ingested, it acts as a powerful poison against roaches. It is available in the gel form that is easy to apply anywhere either outdoors or indoors. Since no reports show toxicity to humans and pets, it is safe to use in kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Furthermore, the gel sticks to the hairy legs and slimy bodies of roaches, which enhances poison transmission to other roaches.

Roach Killing Success Rate:

Advion gel works like magic. It is the ultimate solution to the cockroach infestation. No matter how many roaches are present, this best cockroach gel will eliminate them all. If you use it daily, it can give you 100% pest control results in just 1 month. Nevertheless, encountered cockroaches can die in just 24 hours.

Final Words:

To sum up, both the boric acid (home ingredient) and advion cockroach gel (market bought roach killer) have similar outcomes. Nevertheless, if your home is badly infested with these filthy creatures, advion gel is the perfect solution. In either case, for randomly caught cockroaches, you can use boric acid as the immediate and easy home remedy.

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