The Evolution of WindShield Wipers

If you utilize your car on a regular basis for day-to-day tasks, it will undoubtedly continue to run and will not be brought to a halt. Car wiper blades may appear little, yet they serve a crucial purpose. WindShield Wipers  are a little component of your vehicle, but they serve a crucial purpose during the rainy season. It helps to remove precipitation from the windshield, providing the driver with much-needed visibility. As a result, having a properly functioning car wiper blade is essential.

History of Windshield wipers

Mary Anderson is usually credited with developing the first functional window wiper in 1903. This vintage windshield wiper ultimately made its way into modern autos. Her concept was also referred to as “window cleaning equipment” by her. The name signifies the things were named pretty simple back then.

Wipers were hand-operated rather than mechanised back then, for your knowledge.

A lever on the inside controlled the windshield wipers. This was initially quite simple to create, but it was neither practical nor safe.

In this type of wiper, a lever is mechanically coupled to the wiper by a rod, and the handle is controlled by hand.

The driver was forced to take one hand off the steering wheel, reducing vehicle control.Just think about how uncomfortable and unsafe that has been.

Progress is made in windshield

The technology behind windshield wiper action has developed substantially over the years. They were operated in a number of ways.

The initial plan was to motorize the wipers. The vacuum was utilised to power the first generation of motorised windshield wipers, which were powered by the engine’s manifold. This, however, has several disadvantages.

Vacuum in the engine manifold fluctuates with speed and throttle input, although it is negligible at maximum power. As a consequence, the wipers moved at different rates and, at times, did not move at all.

However, a booster pump was used to remedy the problem, which was eventually surpassed by hydraulic wipers. The hydraulic pump that was utilised for power steering was employed to power the winch.

However, modern cars are driven by an electric motor that is routed via a set of gears to accurately regulate the speed.

How to take care of your windshield wiper blade?

In some ways, caring for a piece of machinery that is used often is easier than cleaning it up when it is merely parked somewhere. Keep in mind all of the grime and dust that has gathered. Remember how time-consuming it is to clean up difficult areas of anything, such as your car. But if you follow these simple steps, you can maintain your car wiper blades very easily. If we are to be honest, we rarely use car wipers until and unless there is rain or condensation due to fog on our windshield.

Examine the Rubber of your car wiper blades

Are your wipers generating a high-pitched shrieking sound as they drag over your windshield? If that’s the case, they’re most likely causing little scratches in the glass as they travel from side to side. Most likely, the rubber on the blades has worn out, indicating that your wiper blades need to be changed.

Fill up the Fluid

What if you’re driving and a truck drives by, splashing water and dirt all over your windshield? There is no washer fluid discharged when you turn on the wipers. It’s difficult to see the road through a smudged window. There isn’t a single driver on the road who hasn’t encountered a situation like this. This, however, does not have to be the case.

Maintain the Windshield’s Cleanliness

Wiping over dirty glass may cause your wiper blades to wear out faster. To extend the life of your windshield wipers, clean them every time you stop at a gas station. For this reason, utilise the squeegees provided by most stations. Just be sure to inspect the sponge before using it and to clean it with a paper towel as needed, because shared squeegees may trap small stones and other debris that might damage your windshield.

At the very least, replace the blades twice a year.

Wiper blades should only last six months. After that, you’ll notice a reduction in your driving vision. To help combat this issue, get replacements every six months and replace them on time. Look for signs of early wear on the blades, such as smearing, skipping, or squeaking over the glass. In fact, the procedure is so easy that with a little practise, you can do it yourself.

Wiper Blades Should Be Adjusted

If you have adjusted the wiper arms on your car but still have a filthy windshield, you may need to adjust the wiper blades to ensure they are in full contact with the windshield. When they are in operation, they will be able to clean as much surface area as feasible.


Wipers should be replaced in the spring and fall. If you live in a high snowfall or harsh weather location, you should change them more frequently. Replace any wipers that appear to be broken or chipped right away. However, it is advisable to replace both wipers at the same time. 

Keep away from the sun.

Warm weather damages your wiper blades, causing them to dry up and break. Find a shaded spot to park your car rather than leaving it out in the scorching sun to extend the life of your blades.

Why Should You Maintain Your Wiper Blades?

Now it is pretty much obvious that you know how to take care of your car wiper blades but do you kno why it is that important.

Wiper blades must be in good working order for you to have decent visibility when driving on the road. Traveling under severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, or snow should be possible, but only if your wiper blades are well-maintained and repaired on a regular basis.


A windshield car wiper is an essential car accessories. It improves vision and assures safe driving, especially during the snowy, foggy, and rainy seasons. In India, most of us neglect these automobile accessories, and it’s generally during foggy season or monsoon that we notice the old wiper blades need to be replaced. Therefore, proper and regular maintenance of these car wipers is very essential for a healthy vehicle.

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