Things To Consider Before Setting Up A Company In Dubai South Free Zone

Dubai South Free Zone or Dubai World Central (DWC) holds all the arising openings for business entities and entrepreneurs. In addition, the region is accessible from Abu Dhabi and Downtown Dubai. Dubai South Free Zone has been the prime option for companies to enter the global market. With the current economy of the nation, it’s no surprise why businesses of various sizes pull the chance of universal business proliferation. From a persuasive and promising market, outstanding sales, a high return on investment and huge profits to persistent business success, the region incites industries towards the notion of launching a company in Dubai. This means, If you are intending to begin your company in Dubai free zones, you can trust this one.


Dubai South Districts

Dubai south free zone has been divided into three unique districts:

1) Aviation District

Dubai South has a high-end incorporated aerospace and aviation network that is composed to fulfill the holistic requirements of both the related industries and associated sectors. It has been developed as a one-stop-shop for all aviation setups and forthcoming local bureaus.


2) Logistic District

Dubai South is the borough of mightily yielding Logistics solutions. It delivers direct entry to the air, sea and road transportation, comprising a designated seaport and airport passageway which enables cargo to stride from port to airport shortly. It also delivers easy start-up procedures and robust prices for business formation.


3) Free Zone Business Park

The Free Zone Business Park is established to be the standard locale for long-term company setup. It delivers top-notch retail edifices with a broad variety of choices encompassing establishments from startups to huge enterprises in various sectors. It also plays up a business hub that gives office solutions operating 24/7.

What are the benefits of starting a business in Dubai South free zone?

  • You can earn privileges of 100% tax-free undertakings by business formation in Dubai South Free Zone
  • It will also aid you with 100% foreign ownership
  • There is no corporate tax on business incorporation
  • Business setup will lend you a choice to select from high-tech commercial facilities
  • Company incorporation will provide you adaptable retail rents out
  • It provides you alternatives for non bonded zone or free zone licenses for your company setup
  • Business formation are at relatively competitive prices
  • It will lend you an easy entry to Al Maktoum International Airport
  • It offer you advantages of facilities and room for businesses to engage productively and efficiently


Company Structure in Dubai South Free Zone

Every different company structure is shaped based on the essence and size of the business. The unique business structures that can be shaped in the dubai free zone company formation are listed below:

  • A business entity with a single shareholder
  • Business entity with multiple shareholders
  • A regional branch of a firm prevailing in the UAE
  • A foreign branch of a prevailing company outside the UAE

How to set up a business in the Dubai South Free Zone?

There are numerous steps including both complex and easy that have to be ventured for launching a business setup in dubai south free zone. However, just like any other, the first step is to select your business activity. For the free zone, you can select from over thousands of business activities that begin from myriad sections such as aviation, financial services, shipping, gold, commodities, diamonds, energy and more. Then you have to determine a name for your company to establish your business in the free zone. Following that, you have to obtain necessary approvals from the relevant authorities. The business that comes up in each free zone has their own set of rules and laws in the relevant free zone. For receiving the approvals, you need to submit the required documents.

The documents needed to launch the business in Dubai South Free Zone includes the following:

  • A completed license application form
  • A detailed Business Plan
  • Copies of passport and visa of the shareholders and managers
  • Copy of emirates ID
  • Specimen signature form
  • DWCBC Terms and Conditions
  • MoC and AoA

You may get your pre-approval within 15 working days whereas for licensing it might take up to 10 working days.

So, after completing and documenting your registration paperwork with the pertinent authorities, you have to open a corporate bank account, and apply for the visas that you need. In between, you have to choose a suitable office space for your business. Also, this must be based on the number of workers and the category and nature of business. Also keep in mind that if your fund is insufficient, you can always go to the inexpensive free zone in Dubai.

These are the major requirements involved in the Dubai south free-zone company formation. By following these steps, you can easily establish your business in a free zone without any complications.



Hope you now got an idea regarding the different procedures as well as the documents that have to be submitted for launching a business in Dubai South Free Zone. Inciting the procedure for business formation in Dubai will be much easier if you hire a guide like us, who recognizes your prerequisites and assists you in vindicating the requisites. We can lead you through everything on the business formation quest. Our business professionals will handle all the formalities, while you concentrate on creating the best protocols for your company.

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