Debunking Myths About Cockroach Gel Baits You Probably Still Believe

Cockroaches are a nuisance in the house. To protect your family from various common diseases and to maintain cleanliness, it’s essential to use cockroach gel baits. Many people think that roach gel baits are highly toxic and should not be used. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to use such chemicals to kill insects. The need of the hour is to understand that these gel baits are highly specific against cockroaches. Also, they are not poisonous to humans and pets at the dose we use against small roaches and unless ingested.

Roach Gel Baits:

Cockroach gel baits are made with a particular chemical agent that is capable of attracting and killing cockroaches. Their active ingredients are so powerful that contact with a little of the gel can kill a roach. Moreover, the aroma and taste of the bait is set in such a way to attract cockroaches.

Why Necessary?

It’s particularly best to use a potent roach gel bait when your home is infested badly with roaches. Because in addition to destroying the hygiene of your home, roaches can cause a lot of mess. Nevertheless, in case of a few roaches, you can try natural repellents and baits.

Roach Gel Bait – The Best on the Market

According to our survey and study, the best roach gel bait is the advion cockroach gel UAE. This best advion gel is the perfect solution to the problem of roach infestation. Moreover, with this advion cockroach gel UAE there’s no need for you to identify the roach species. It is because this best advion gel is effective against all types of cockroaches.

How Does it Work?

This fantastic advion cockroach gel killer contains a potent chemical known as indoxacarb. Indoxacarb blocks the voltage sensitive calcium channels present in the CNS of roaches. Channel blockade results in the paralysis of cockroaches that makes them incapable of moving, eating, and drinking. Consequently, roaches die of thirst and hunger. Moreover, the best advion gel adheres to the roaches legs and spreads to other individuals upon contact. 

Debunking Myth #1 : It’s Human Friendly

This advion cockroach gel killer is human friendly at the dose we use to kill cockroaches. Moreover, topical contact and absorption of the Medicine is minimum that does not result in any harm. Upon ingestion, this advion gel can cause methemoglobinemia in human beings but at very high potency that is usually not available.Also, human beings are less sensitive to such toxicity compared to rats, cats, and dogs.

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Debunking Myth #2 : It’s Non Toxic to Pets

About 19 mg/ kg indoxacarb ingested daily by dogs can cause hemolysis. Therefore, it makes sense that the amount of roach gel we use in homes to kill roaches is non-toxic. Furthermore, allergic reactions like pruritis and rash can occur if it is constantly exposed to a pet hair coat.

Debunking Myth #3: Non- Damaging to Home Interior

Using roach gel in your home will not damage your home’s wood or marble. You can simply apply the gel with its easy-to-apply nozzle in every nook and corner of your home. Moreover, it will not damage the paint and polish of your kitchen drawers or cabinets. Feel free to use.

Fact #1: The Dose That Makes it Poison:

Everything is poison at its toxic and lethal dose. Roach gel baits are non-toxic to humans and pets at the dose we use in our homes. Moreover, almost milligrams of bait oral ingestion daily can harm a system. Alternatively, nanograms of indoxacarb in a gel can kill roaches.

Fact #2: There are Precautions to Everything

It’s a fact that every Medicine has some side effects. To prevent them, they should be used in the best possible manner. At night, you can apply roach gel near cracks in the floor or wall joint, and in kitchen cabinets. In short, avoid applying it in daytime and use at night to target nocturnal roaches. Wash the applied areas daily and reapply for effective results. Shop for the original advion cockroach gel from the Pest Control Shop.

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