Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Choosing Car Transport in Gurgaon

Car transport services have become essential nowadays as people are more concerned about the safety of their loved car. Car transport services in Gurgaon ensure the safety and ship the car safe and sound to the willing location. This business is growing rapidly and service providers are becoming more determined to offer the best quality service to the clients. There are many car transport services in Gurgaon and its suburbs at your service but you have to go for the best one.

 The process of shipping a car from one location to another location is quite simple and hassle-free for the clients. The process is described briefly below.

  • At first, as a client, you have to assign a trustworthy car transportation service provider by going through the reviews and past experiences.
  • The service provider will provide you the documented deals, insurance and arrange an inspection of your car.
  • You will have to provide your documents ( ID proof, address proof, etc) and car-related documents ( the documents to prove that you have the authority to ship the car), and detailed information about the address where you want to ship it. In some cases, you may have to pay the advance.
  • The company will ship the car safe and sound to that location.

These were the main 5 step processes to ship a car. With car carrier services in Gurgaon, you can have a hassle-free and satisfying experience of car shipping.

What are the things you should take special care of?

During the entire process, you have to take special care of a few points to ensure the safety of your car.

  • Make sure your car transport company is registered and has a registration number allotted by the government.
  • Make sure the service provider uses quality materials to provide the best possible security to your car.
  • Try to be present at the time of inspection so that no confusion can arise later.
  • Make sure your car transportation company is providing you valid insurance so that unfortunately, anything happens on the way, you can claim your damage cost.
  • Neither go for a surprisingly cheap company nor go to a company that demands more than enough money. Do your research about the latest car transportation cost.

Factors affecting the cost of Car Transport In Gurgaon

The volume of goods: Total number of items, total workforce required, vehicle size, etc., decides the overall house shifting charges in Gurgaon. The companies do not focus on the size of the home, rather they charge our customers based on the list of moving items so that complete transparency is maintained.

  1. Required Packing quality: The overall cost of domestic shifting might differ based on the gentle/fragile items of the customers and the packing quality.
  2. Transportation charges: The transportation charges depend on the number of goods. If you have more goods, you will require a bigger truck and this will automatically increase the charges you will have to pay.
  3. Moving manpower: They send the moving manpower to your house/office based on the size of your present apartment. We charge you fairly depending on the number of workers required for a complete home relocation.
  4. Day of your moving: Interstate house shifting movers and packers service will require several days. Hence, the overall charges of moving might vary on the number of days required for your moving.
  5. Shifting duration: The time taken to cover up a complete relocation is considered a prime feature in Gurgaon car transport. Shifting duration counts in time taken for packing and loading, time taken to travel from your old location to the new one, liters of fuel used, and so on.

How does car transportation work?

Car transportation depends on the type of car and destination distance. There are mainly two types of containers that are used for car transportation:

Open container: open container shifting is one of the most affordable methods to transport the car. It is preferred for people shifting from one place to another within 500 km, thus, for short-distance shifting. In the open container method, the cars will be locked and transported to the allotted location.

Closed container: In a closed container, the car will be packed and locked in a special type of container. The same container will be loaded with 4-6 cars and transported to the destination. It is preferred during the rainy season.

We are reliable and efficient and have served many industry giants as well as other clients. We have the experience, market understanding and expertise to offer excellent service to our clients. Our skilled team is the backbone of our company and is trained to handle all commercial as well as personal packaging. We have a large network of Truck Owners/Transporters, which makes no destination inaccessible for us.

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LogisticGuru Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Logistics company caters instant Online Transportation & packing and moving Services to move the Goods/Vehicle at your destination with the high quality of shipment at competitive remuneration. Our goal to deliver both part load and full load solutions of your consignment across the country efficiently the required communication on-time. Happy ending of your move and satisfaction with all the relevant regulatory standards is our priorities.

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