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Template VS Custom Websites

Template VS Custom Websites in today’s market is the quintessential front door of a business and to have a proper website means the difference between a good business and a poorly doing business. Website designs can be classified into multiple categories but fall under two simple types and in this blog we will talk about these two types which are namely custom build websites and template built websites.

So what are template built websites?

Simply speaking template built websites are websites that are made using pre-designed templates that the client can buy from a selection of other templates. Everything about these websites is pre-built and various features can be added or removed from them as per the client’s wishes. Popular theme-based website developers include WordPress design , Squarespace, Wix , fiverr website design etc.

What are custom built websites?

Simply put these are websites that are built from scratch and are built to the exact specifications of the client. Everything about them is new and the client can choose various features and other things they want to incorporate into the website. There is no issue of compatibility between the client requirements and their website because it has been built essentially to serve only what clients desire by freelance web designer.

What are the pros and cons of Template-based websites?


  • These websites are used by many people and therefore these websites generally do not have any bugs to speak of and are easy to maintain even by a non-tech savvy client.
  • Template-based websites are a low-cost option that will help businesses acquire them for low prices depending upon the features.
  • There is no long development time to speak of while designing and building these websites because there is none. The code is in place and the designs are in place and the client will simply have to choose.
  • Since these websites are not exclusive to a single client there are a lot of designs to choose from as it is available in the website’s domain for public saving and acquiring.


  • One of the most important cons of this kind of website is the lack of uniqueness because many people end up using the same design.
  • The customisation options are also limited. And this makes sense because it is a low-cost option and that is why the features have been kept to a minimum so that the costs of development can be below.
  • These websites are not very customisation friendly unless you decide to make minor changes to them.
  • The scalability of this kind of creative websites is a challenge because it has not been made specifically to the client’s request and any amount of changes to the website cannot change this fact.
  • There is also the issue of limited support because like we said this is a low-cost option that does not usually come with maintenance.

What are the pros and cons of Custom designed websites?


  • Perhaps the most important Pro of custom build responsive design is the fact that the client can be 100% sure that their website design is unique because it has been made simply for them.
  • The user experience on custom-built websites is also of the greatest quality because every aspect of the website has been designed keeping in mind that particular client’s business and requirements and along with that scalability as well as mobile support and every other kind of feature can be implemented flawlessly.
  • SEO friendliness is of the highest order in these websites and in terms of organic rankings, these websites usually take the lead because of their unique code and their unique features and also the fact of level of control that can be exerted in these websites.
  • It is what the big shots do because every big player in the E-Commerce and digital industry has their custom website and if you are to make it big then your website needs to stand out of the bunch.
  • Third-party integration is also very easy and various API and third-party services can be implemented flawlessly. There are no limitations or limits to say in place and any number of extra plugins and add-ons can be added as per the client’s requirements.


  • While the Pros may want you to jump on board with having your custom website, the biggest deterrent to a custom website is the cost involved because of its uniqueness. A responsive web design is something that is built specifically for you that designers cannot use for other projects and you have to pay something extra for this exclusivity.
  • Development on these websites take time because there are no pre-built templates to use for custom websites and everything has to be built right from the bottom.
  • To build a custom website you cannot take the help of free website builder companies and other template-based website building helpers you will need coding skills or you will need a website development company to help you with your custom website. These were a few of the pros and cons of template-based and custom design websites. We can suggest that you can go for either of these because both of them have their pros and cons but if you are someone who is looking for a custom google web designer or even a multitude of template options for your website then there is no better place to go than Think To Share, the fastest emerging website designing and development company in Kolkata.

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