Tips on how to organize clothes with little space

  1. Tidying up

Tips To save space, it’s interesting to always know how to fold your pieces. After all, if you put them carelessly, the pieces will be crumpled and, above all, they will take up much more space than necessary. A tip is to put it like rolls, which take up less space. Ever experienced?

For dress shirts and others, leave them on hangers, but always with the first two buttons closed, so that it is easier to remove them, without crumpling, ok?

  1. Drawers

Use them smartly. If you fold them well, like rolls, your pieces don’t crumple, you gain ease of viewing them and plenty of space, as they won’t overlap. And be very careful when opening and closing: if the clothes are getting stuck, it’s a sign that something has not been properly arranged, review your organization, for a perfect slide out of the drawer. That’s good for the piece of furniture, which won’t wear out, and for you, who won’t have your clothes crumpled at all!

  1. Shelves Tips

It is possible, for those who have wardrobes, to use the highest shelves with dividers to form small niches and gain a lot of space. With easy and quick visualization, in addition to making the most of each space, you will achieve an enviable organization. Messy house only if you want to!

  1. Organizer boxes

These holy tools are useful for anyone who has a wardrobe, as they will be able to make the most of the lower part of the furniture – before reaching the drawers – and, thus, all the corners will be able to have boxes, each one with its function: one with socks, another with ties, perfumes, a fourth with watches and accessories, and so on. Do the most with the least space.

  1. macaws

And if you don’t have wardrobes, how to do it? Calm! We have a solution. Let’s go macaws!

It is a very practical solution, really easy to put away. Buy one, or two, and place them against the walls of your bedroom, or whatever room you like.

To help store shoes, sneakers and others, make use of organizing items. There are several on the market – ranging from the boxes we have already mentioned, to suspended shoe racks. That way, everything is in order!

Always remember: keep your own organization system, so that your spaces are always tidy. It’s more time you gain in your day to day to be available for all your appointments and that’s great, since we have such a busy life!

The denim Shirt

The denim shirt is one of the most democratic items in the men’s wardrobe. It goes with everything and can be used on many occasions. For some time, since fashion is cyclical, it was kept in the back of the closet, but now with a new face, modelling and bold washes, it returns to the scene and gains the main role Tips.

Jeans carry a lot of history and can be visually transformed over time. Some terms cause a lot of confusion like IndigoDenim and Jeans, often used to mean the same thing, but which have very different origins.

Indium is the natural blue dye, from an Indian plant, initially used for dyeing denim. It gives the characteristic of fading to the fabric.

Denim is a type of twill cotton fabric Shirts, the same as pants, but for a shirt it is very light and comfortable. The word Denim has its origin in Nimes, France, where it began to be produced.

The word Jeans is a variation of “Gênes”, the French name for the Italian port city of Genova, where sailors wore pants made of this fabric to work, as they were resistant. Hence the term became popular and known as Jeans.

After that, in 1847, when the young Levi-Strauss left Germany and went to try his luck in the United States, the history of jeans really began, as we hear, with the Gold Rush, miners were the first to use them as we know today.

A lot has happened since then, but the most impressive thing is how a work outfit has become so indispensable in the fashion world. Jeans are no longer just pants and have become a lifestyle, a way of dressing. Jeanswear is the basis of many current brands, which have entire lines based on jeans, such as jackets, shirts, vests, jackets and even tailoring.

Jeanswear shirting, as we can already see on the streets, is on the rise. Models with pockets and more fitted, appear in various types of washing. In addition, printed jeans are one of the great novelties. Discreet micro patterns or relaxed floral prints, you choose your style.

15 men’s clothes that can’t be missing in the wardrobe Tips

1. Fit shirt

Cool and elegant, a modern option whether for work, for happy hour, or even for a night out. Get yours! – we already talked about this piece in this post.

2. Polo Shirt

A classic option for a man’s look, it is an interesting bridge between formal and informal and can add more seriousness to a light look. Interesting choice!

3. Chino pants

Great for casual and even more stylish looks. It is made in earthy tones and has a lot of versatility. Good request! – we’ve already discussed the play here.

4. White shirt

Functional in all types of occasions, it is a true joker for any man. Invest in white shirts in all types of models, and avoid making mistakes!

5. Slim pants

Perfect for shaping the body without exaggeration, it is the ideal choice to show yourself in tune and have a very elegant look.

6. Basic shirt

Due to its versatility and potential, having a basic T-shirt in different colours is an option that should be considered by the tuned-in man.

7. Blazer

If the white shirt is a joker, the blazer is the magic wand, that is, throw the piece over your look, no matter how simple it is, and transform it into a more elegant one. It can be worn with sneakers – more casual – or a dress shirt and shoes – more elegant.

8. Jeans

It’s a classic. But it is not without contraindications. Always pay attention to the fit of the garment, that is, no wearing pants that are too wide on the leg and the hem should go all the way to the shoe, without folds and without looking like a cloth ‘bag’.

If it’s to appeal to a more fashionable look, use skinny, with a bent hem.

9. Suit

Tips Although a suit is seen as an option only in situations that call for formality, it is essential to have at least one model, so as not to be caught by surprise, or have to pay for renting clothes. See more about this costume here.

10. Leather jacket

Another male style icon, it refers to strength and the right amount of rebellion. Worth the purchase, even for its durability. If you don’t want to buy materials that are taken from animals, there are excellent synthetic leathers these days!

11. Chess shirt

If you have to opt for a pattern, use the most symmetrical one, with medium-sized squares. That way, you’ll have a perfect piece to finish off the look, so it’s not so basic, okay?

12. Jeans shirt

As we saw in the denim item, we know how traditional and versatile this material is Tips. So, in addition to being present in pants, it can be used in shirts, with very interesting looks. Worth buying yours!

13. Casual shoe

No running shoes, okay? There are many models of shoes that go well with looks for men, such as sneakers, or the controversial sneakers.

14. Social shoes

Yes, you can wear it on many occasions, even with shorts, as long as it’s tailored Tips.

15. Tailored shorts

Bermuda shorts are in fashion in 2019, but even so, you can wear them, as long as you have good taste. If you have to make a choice, go for tailoring modelling. After all, it is very comfortable, but without losing style.

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