Top 10 Most Effective Blogging Tools

Writing a good, effective blog is what any online business person wants. So how to write the best and most optimal blog, using support tools is one of the good ways. Read the following article to refer to the top 10 most effective blogging tools.

Keyword research tool

This is considered the most important step in the process of writing standard SEO articles. Effective keyword research is about identifying meaningful terms that users use to query results in search engines. Keywords with high search volume mean large customer demand. When the article is related to that keyword, the accessibility will be higher, thereby increasing traffic to the website and sales.

1.  Google Keywords Planner

Google keywords planner is the leading keyword research tool. It will help you with your keyword research and content strategy planning. Just type an idea or topic into the search field and then you will get keyword suggestions related to that topic/idea.

The Keyword Planner is free to use, but you’ll need a Google Ads account to use it, so you’ll need to sign up first.

SEO Check Tool

SEO tools (SEO tools) are blog-building tools that provide technical support for SEOs, including checking, measuring, and improving SEO results. 

2. SEOQuake

SEO quake is a free SEO plugin integrated on Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox browsers to help manage and review the SEO status of the website with many functions as follows:

  • Evaluate all key metrics quickly
  • Compare domains and URLs
  • Social data
  • Search keyword difficulty
  • Analysis of external and internal links
  • Detailed backlink analysis

However, SEOquake has the disadvantage of being quite heavy and complex, greatly affecting the page load speed when used.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is probably one of the most famous WordPress SEO plugins on the internet. It provides users with a bunch of useful features to optimize their website for higher SEO rankings such as:

  • Keyword optimization for keywords and related words
  • Optimize OnPage SEO on each subpage
  • Avoid duplicate content by configuring canonical URLs
  • Check information of sitemap, robots.txt, .htaccess file, permalink
  • Share on social networks like Google, Facebook…

This is a free installation tool, but it makes users uncomfortable because there are many ads, too many updates, affecting page loading speed.

Content Builder

Content is arguably the most important part of a blog. Even professional writers often use the following content blogging tools.

4. Quora

Quora is more than just a website for interacting and building online communities – it’s also a great place to find ideas and content for your blog. 

Quora is a forum where you can find the most complete answers to your questions and are endorsed by reputable experts in the field. Just browse the site and you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions with answers below. This can be a great way to increase your knowledge while also doing effective keyword research for you. 

5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is another great blog builder that can help you generate lots of ideas and generate interesting content headlines in seconds. 

You just need to add keywords and press Enter. Tada! Less than 3 seconds later, a bunch of ideas is ready for you to choose from!

This tool also gives you great tips to be able to create unique content ideas that attract others. Your job is simply to fill in the subject and get the results.

6. Google Docs

This is an indispensable tool for any writer/blogger. Google Docs will help you store your articles, making them accessible from anywhere. Since Google Docs is an online word processor, you can access your account from your computer or phone.

Its interface is very simple, fully integrated with all the features you need from a word processor similar to how you use Word on your computer. Google Docs also allows you to quickly share files with others via the “Share” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Enable effective teamwork and content sharing.

7. Buzzsumo

Bundle of ideas is a very common problem for bloggers or even professional writers. When you don’t know what to write, don’t know what to do, go listen to what people are writing and talking about. And the Buzzsumo tool will help you with that.

Here, you will know which posts and content are hot. For topics, you are interested in, what content readers are looking for and can immediately get that idea to write articles. A lot of results will return to you according to the statistics of time, search volume, trend. And who knows, by searching for this information, breakthrough creative ideas will appear in your head?

Buzzsumo has a limited free version with some features. If you need to use a lot, you should sign up for a paid package of about $ 79 / month. You will get a more favorable price by using discount codes, coupons on special occasions.

8. 750 Words

This is one of the most used content-building tools in 2020 to help you practice writing regularly, 750 words a day. 

You can practice your writing skills through brain cleaning exercises. That is, write down whatever comes to mind. You don’t have to worry about incomplete ideas, personal things… Just write – with whatever you want. At 750 Words you are always guaranteed the privacy of your articles.

Image builder

A beautiful blog with sharp images will make an impression on users. Therefore, it is an indispensable blog-building tool for bloggers.

9. Canva

Canva is probably the best tool on the online platform to help you with basic image and video design. This is an extremely useful tool for bloggers when it helps you to design your images easily, quickly, and anywhere (on your phone or computer) as long as you have an internet connection.

Canva has its inventory of over 60,000 free templates created by professional designers for you to choose from. All you have to do is choose a suitable template and drag and drop the image, the available frame, replace the text and you’re done. Therefore, adding, removing, and editing elements on the canvas requires almost no complicated skills. If you have some design knowledge or understanding of layout, you can completely choose to create your design images based on Canva’s built-in tools to create your designs. 

10. Pixabay

As a vibrant creative community, this site not only offers great quality photos for free, but it’s also very easy to use. With over 400,000 images, vectors, and art illustrations available, Pixabay allows you to find the ultimate source of quality images for both personal and commercial use.


Above is an article about the Top 10 most effective blogging tools. In addition, you can buy SEO services for your website, at the best price by using coupons on e-commerce platforms like CouponUpto, CouponXoo,…

Hope the article will help you, good luck.

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