Top 9 Masculine Interior Design Ideas For A Handsome Home

A masculine interior design brings empowerment and a robust style to your home which visualizes a manly mindset and extreme extravagance. Implementing a masculine design should be an ideal representation of a manly taste, although it should not necessarily be all dark, rather should have a clean and impressive vibe without any funky, colorful, pastel accessories or patterns.

If you want your home to depict a masculine interior design and a powerful and rugged ambiance, reading below can help you get an insight of a few ideas by which you can design your place according to your aesthetic sense.

Wood and Navy Tones

War wood tones and dark blue shades can be a perfect masculine interior design when perfectly matched and incorporated together. For a large space, you can opt for gloomy tones of blue while dark wood tones can do well for a small area, making an impressive combination.


Leather brings a luxurious and warm tone to the design, establishing a loud and bold vibe. The addition of leather accessories can maintain an ideal masculine design due to its worn-out and rich texture. You can go with minimal leather accessories but large pieces will enhance the ambiance a bit more. 

Ash Tones

Check out the best interior designer in Lahore and you will find a variety of monochromes as the ideal tones for a masculine interior design. Ash tones with grey and white can create a subtle and strong combination. Further, you can enhance the interior by adding themed rugs, beddings, and sofas following the overall color palette of the space.

Coastal Shades

If you are looking for a less overpowering tone for a masculine interior design, you can balance out the scheme with sophisticated  shades of whites, greys, and blues which will create a soothing and serene environment with an overall calm vibe. The design can be enhanced further by additional coastal accessories and patterns.

Additional Wooden Texture

Explore a bit about the ideas of the best architects in Pakistan and you will find that most of them have ideally incorporated wooden textures in most of their designs. A wooden wall infuses depth and texture giving a statement design. You can choose a vertical wooden panel from up to the ceiling as a simple yet attractive style.

Color Combinations

Opting for definite and unique color combinations can do great for a masculine interior design. The basics of blues, whites, greys, and browns combined with various tones can compile an overall stunning look. There lies a great significance aesthetically pleasing and balanced color palette in the room in order to bring a creative sight to the place.

Metal Elements

Metal, in its rawest form, gives a masculine vibe. Any kind of metal from either stainless steel to bare lead, you will find it flexible and attractive. Minimal accessories of metal, for example, lamps, chairs, tables, art pieces and more can add a stunning look to the space. The meta accessories will complement the masculine interior design and will prove to be a durable and long-lasting addition. 

Sculptural Art Pieces

Masculine interior designs can be enhanced by the incorporation of sculptural articles and pieces of fine art. The addition of a sculptural design will create a manly vine and will make it easier to identify the design as masculine. However, the addition should not look overdone and extra. Make sure you add features and accessories according to the space and overall theme of your home. 

Abstract Features

Simple decoration items and geometric patterns can add a classy and exciting design sense to your masculine interior design. You can add some fun abstract and cubic elements at the entrance of your house so that they introduce the guests to a sensible and powerful vibe. You can also mix them up with different materials so that the interior appeals to the visitors.

The following tips can be a life savior to boost the handsomeness of your home and style. It is completely according to your taste. Check out the best interior designers in Lahore, get yourself a mind map about design you want to implement and get your masculine interior ready to showcase your vision and creative insight. 


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