What are The Best Ways to Organise My Closet?

We know exactly what you are wondering! You must be thinking what is the best way to organise your closet. Well, we believe that it varies from person to person. What works for you is ‘the best’ and may not be the same for others. Like any organisation project, the goal is to create some repeatable yet personalised system that can be maintained for a long time.

Here are some basic organisational tips. There is no fixed grammar in this that you HAVE to follow, you can choose what works the best for you.

Step 1: Declutter

The basic of any organisation project is to declutter. Here are a few ways to decrease the clutter and increase the closet space.

  • Deal with the bigger items first. Move the camping goods, big suitcases, vacuums to the storeroom, the garage, or the hallway closet.
  • Sort out the things in your wardrobe. Tag which are the ones that you are gonna ‘toss’, ‘donate’, and ‘keep’.
  • Give away the accessories, clothes, or jewellery that you haven’t worn in the last six months.

Step 2: Make Use of Other Spaces in Your Home

Take a tour of your home at try to have a look from a different point of view. If not very cramped, can you try and take out your clothes rack and set it up in some other room? You can also repurpose one of your corners as a wardrobe to store goods.

Step 3: Cardboard Boxes to Help You with The Decluttering

Wardrobe garment boxes and cardboard boxes are like those secret, magic ingredients that make your cooking so special. Seasonal garments or bulky wraps and blankets which generally find their way into the closet will be a good choice to be stored in wardrobe boxes. Or if you have kids or pets around, the toys and books can be stored in cardboard boxes instead of wardrobes.

Step 4: Install an Additional Rack for Clothes

If you have little space at home or no budget to buy a wardrobe at the moment, invest in a clothes rack. Choose a corner in your bedroom, consult an expert and set it up.

Step 5: Place a Dresser Below the Hanging Items

An easy yet effective upgrade of a closet would be by placing a dresser under the hanging items. This as a result frees up space in your bedroom and won’t require another closet establishment.

Step 6: Divide (and Rule) is The Key to An Organised Wardrobe

Buy containers, dividers, tags to sort out your wardrobe and make it look neat. Remember how books are labelled and stacked in a library? Let’s plan to do something similar.

  • Divide outfits by types, for example, the shirts together, the dresses, tops together, jeans together, and so on.
  • Use dividers in drawers to separate out the smaller items like scarves, socks, and lingerie.
  • Arrange items based on bulkiness. Tops go on the lower racks or the shortest of the shelves, pants can be hung from a hook rack, long coats, capes, or maxi dresses could be stored on the spacious, topmost shelves.

Step 7: Use Your Wall Space to Hold Smaller Items

Once you have sorted your wardrobe yet still have things to store? Make some functional space on the wall and store it. You can use stick-on plastic file holders to hold makeup products or hand wired-bin to hold small clothes and other accessories.

Step 8: Learn Better Hanging and Folding Methods

Here are some tips to make your wardrobe more functional and neater.

  • For drawers, use the file folding or vertical method.
  • Stack clothes on shelves and not in the drawers.
  • Use hangars to hang and store all your belts, ties, and scarves.

Now that we have shared some organisational tips and tricks with you, it will be easier for you to sort out your wardrobe and closets. Keep in mind the important things: patience, lots of cardboard boxes, a stern heart (because you would need to donate or throw away a lot of your items), and some wardrobe garment boxes.

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